The Top Ten Best Guitars From Fender

The Top Ten Best Guitars From Fender     

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Did you know that Fender first designed their guitars to be ‘working man’s guitars’? When Fender first started producing instruments, they wanted to be able to produce high-quality instruments at a price that lower and middle-class families could afford.

Since Fender began developing guitars, Fender guitars have continued to produce luxury quality guitars that are easy to use, with incredibly powerful features.

Fender is most famous for creating the Fender Stratocaster, which is an incredibly user-friendly guitar that has been proven time and time again to be easy to repair, easy to upgrade, and provides users with the ability to grow along with their skill level.

There are so many different types of guitars on the market and there are thousands of great options for guitars that are meant to be played by entry-level musicians.

If you’re a beginning guitarist, there is no need for you to purchase an expensive guitar; there are many affordable options out there for you that will provide you with an easy playing experience and incredible sound.

If you do happened to be more of an experienced musician with a budget to match, we have also included several mid-range guitars that have an incredible look and feel to them on this list.

No matter whether you’re looking to learn how to play country, pop, rock, metal, blues, jazz, finger picking, or strumming, Fender has a guitar that will provide you with exactly what
you need.

Even if you’re worried about choosing a beginner’s guitar from Fender because of their lower price range, please be aware that while Fender does offer lower prices to their customers, each of their guitars has been carefully produced in order to remove any of those annoying and disheartening obstacles that poorly made beginner’s guitars typically present to
beginning musicians.

Before we get into too reviewing these guitars too deeply, you should also know that a guitar is only good as it’s amp. If you plan on using an electric guitar or an acoustic electric guitar, you need to remember that the amplification system that you use with your guitar is as
equally important.

If you end up purchasing an expensive guitar and don’t spend any money on a quality amp, you’re not going to sound very good. However, even if you end up purchasing an inexpensive guitar and pairing it with an expensive amp, you’re also not going to sound very good.

Make sure that you pair a guitar and an amp in a similar price range so that the sound pairs
well together.

As we go through and review each and every one of these guitars, you should know that we have criteria for the guitars that we choose. When we choose our guitars, we rate the style of the guitar, the cosmetic appearance of the guitar, and the overall value of the guitar! We rate both the acoustic guitars we choose and the electric guitars in the same manner.

How will I know which guitar is the best for me?

Before you go and start shopping around for different types of guitar models, you need to figure out your level (as in how experienced you are with playing), your budget, and what types of goals you are looking to be able to achieve on your new guitar.

Each and every guitarist has a different story and different goals and dreams with their goals.

For example, if you plan on purchasing a $200 Yamaha will pair wonderfully with the needs and dreams of a beginner, but it will hardly pair with the needs of depth and tone that a professional guitarist is looking for. Just as at the same time, a $5,000 electric Fender will not fair very well in the hands of a beginning guitarist or a child.

Let’s get started!

Fender Standard Telecaster HH

The Standard Telecaster HH is a combination of a traditional design and an assortment of features that have been upgraded to meet modern-day standards, while still delivering the authentic Fender sound, playability, and feel.

This Standard Telecaster HH really has a full throttle rock power and can go to a smooth and soft jazz sound by a simple adjustment of the tone control knob; this know hides a push pull switch, which split the humbucking coils and leaves the outer layer of coils active to deliver a country twang.

A modern C shaped neck profile and a nine and a half inch fingerboard radius makes this guitar an easy instrument to play palm muted and to down stroke chords on, especially for those who have smaller sized hands.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

A lot experienced musicians will argue that the American Standard Stratocaster is one of the most iconic guitars ever created. The only downfall about the American Standard Stratocaster is the price tag, which is a bit expensive, mostly because of the expensive electronics, hardware, and the incredible craftsmanship that went into the instrument.

The cosmetic appeal of the American Standard Strat is absolutely incredible; this guitar features a classic double cutaway shape with a solid alder body, a bolt-on maple neck, and 22 jumbo frets.

Fender did an incredible job ensuring that this guitar would produce amazing sound, as Fender installed a Texas Special single coil pickups that really add to that classic Stratocaster sound.

There is also a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge, which adds a certain amount of elegance and class to this guitar.

Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special



If you’re interested in a bass guitar that’s serious, this classical bass model from Fender is incredibly versatile with its playability and sound quality.

As for the construction of this bass guitar, you’re going to get a solid alder P Bass body with a satin-finished modern C shaped maple Jazz neck that has twenty medium jumbo frets, which are a breeze to slide up and down on.

As for the sound, there is a real quality to the sound production that’s incredibly pleasing, as the Fender Deluxe P Bass Special comes with two vintage noiseless pickups; combined with an advanced tone controls this bass guitar from Fender provides an incredibly powerful sound that can fit any stage sound.

Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster



This guitar is everything that a genuine Fender guitar offers, at an incredibly affordable price. The cosmetic appearance of the Mexican Standard Stratocaster features a double cutaway shape with a solid alder body and a C shaped smooth maple neck, maple fretboard, and
21 frets.

The craftsmanship on this instrument is absolutely incredible, as you wouldn’t really expect to find craftsmanship of this quality on a guitar that’s this affordable. As for the sound of this guitar, it comes from three single coil Strat pickups with a five way pick up selector and two-tone controls to match.

Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster



For a little bit above $500, musicians are offered a Mexican Fender that provides users with everything that a Fender Telecaster has to offer. The cosmetic appearance of the Mexican Standard Telecaster is a C shaped maple neck, a maple fretboard, and 21 medium jumbo frets that make playing a breeze.

The hardware on this guitar is incredibly reliable and provides users with a warm and bluesy sound that pairs well with all genres and playing styles.

Fender Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Plus Top with iOS Connectivity 



The Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Plus Top with iOS Connectivity has everything that a beginner needs, as this Stratocaster connects directly to an iOS device without having to use a bunch of hardware or a whole bunch of cables.

All a user has to do to pull information off of the internet and on to the Stratocaster just by using a mini-USB cable and USB-Lightning cable, which are both included with your purchase of Stratocaster. You can record and play songs directly to your device and even use your Apple headphone jack to independently control the volume of your guitar.

Fender Standard Stratocaster



If you’ve ever wondered what the word ‘stratocaster’ means, it’s just a worldwide known slang that means ‘this is going to be amazing’. The Standard Stratocaster is the perfect electric guitar for beginners, as it’s an incredibly affordable instrument that offers a tone that can fit into several different genres of music; this guitar offers customers with an incredible value.

The construction of this guitar features a C shaped maple neck that is easy to play, as it fits comfortably in your hand. The arc of the fingerboard is a little bit flatter than compared to typical vintage guitar, which makes it easier to play all three fret hand thumb positions without having to strain your hands, wrist, or fingers.

Fender American Standard Telecaster

If you’re specifically looking for a vintage style and sound without looking to completely overspend on your budget, the Fender American Standard Telecaster is the only guitar you need. This guitar features a large range of different styles all on a single cutaway alder body with a classic Tele headstock.

There is also a bolt-on maple neck paired with a maple fretboard that’s incredibly smooth, matched with 22 jumbo frets that make it really easy to bend strings on, which is really nice to have if you’re looking to play a lot of bluegrass, country, or jazz.

Fender Standard Jazz master HH



The Standard Jazz master HH is a guitar that has an unconventional look with a sterling sound; if you’re a fan of post-punk or pop-punk, you’ve more than likely heard the Standard Jazz master HH, as it’s famous for its incredible flexibility and layout with a lean control that comes with a master tone control, a master volume control and a three position pickup switch.

This guitar comes with a floating tremolo bridge that allows users to easily bend tones and give you the proper confidence that all musicians need to perform well.

Fender Modern Player Deluxe Thin Line Telecaster



This is one of the most affordable of the semi-hollow Telecaster from Fender; the Modern Player Deluxe Thin Line Telecaster offers players with a retro look with a C shaped maple neck, a maple fretboard, and 22 medium jumbo frets.

If you’ve ever played a Telecaster before, expect the Modern Player Deluxe to sound and play the same way; this guitar is extremely easy to play and offers an incredible sound, with a bank thanks to the two Modern Player MP-90 single coils that are placed at the bridge and at the neck of the guitar.

There are tone controls and a three-way pick up selector switch that offers players with a large amount of versatility, from a vintage jazz to a modern rock girth.


Once you’ve purchased your guitar, if you’re already an experienced musician, you’re just going to want to keep doing you! On the other hand, if you’re a beginner musician and you’ve just purchased your guitar, you are probably going to want to take some lessons to help you learn how to play.

There are online videos that you can find on YouTube that are totally free to watch, while there are also online lesson sites that require a membership to use the site, and there are also private teachers who can provide you with face to face instructions.

Which ever type of lesson that you decide to end up going with, we wish you the best of luck with your new guitar!

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