Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Deals 2020: Guitars, Amps, More!

By Danny Trent | Guitar Accessories

It’s that time of year again. If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday guitar deals, you’ve come to the right place! Fortunately for guitar enthusiasts, this time of year brings some of the best deals on guitars and guitar accessories.

Without further delay, these are the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday guitar deals…

Best Instrument Deals for Cyber Monday

  • Guitar Center Sitewide Deals: Guitar Center is offering deep discounts of 15% off their entire inventory here. Purchases can be delivered online or picked up curbside from a local store. Deals are LIVE now.
  • Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar: Beginners guitars can’t always be of the highest price, and you should not be ashamed if you want to start with a cheaper guitar. This Pyle Ultra Guitar is a very good choice and the guitar already comes with all the essentials needed so you are ready to start playing. Claim this deal while it’s still live right here!

  • Tenor Ukulele Mahogany: If you need Ukulele, this is a very good choice to go with, especially since it comes with a lifetime string replacement. The instrument kit is at 20% OFF.
  • Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele: This mahogany ukulele comes as a full kit or just the instrument and right now you should use this opportunity and purchase it at 40%OFF. 

  • Cordoba C5-CE CD Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar: This solid cedar top guitar with nylon strings is currently 15% OFF, so this is your chance to find it right here!

  • Crossrock 355 Style Guitar Case Deal: This premium guitar case (fibergalss shell, with backpack), is currently on sale as a limited time deal via Amazon.
  • Yamaha Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Deal: Prime members can take 20% off this Cutaway from Yamaha here. Normally $509.
  • Schecter C-1 SGR Beginner Electric Guitar Deal: Amazon Prime members can take 20% off this Schecter guitar today here.
  • Windsor VIOLINSK44 Violin Super Kit – Get 29% off this violin super kit here!
  • Guitar Center Deals: Guitar Center typical offers Black Friday sale guitar gear items and Cyber Monday deals, including Guitar Center coupon code offerings and list price discounts.
  • Musician’s Friend Deals: Musician’s Friend is another honly gutiar retailer to watch for coupon code offers and list price instrument discounts, particularly the Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday sale.


Deals on Other Guitar Accessories (Picks, Straps, Cases, Pedals, etc..)

guitar equipment

  • IKEDON USB Condenser Microphone: If you have been dreaming of a clear sound and a new microphone, now might be the time to treat yourself with this one that is already at 46% OFF. Find the sale right here!
  • Piy Painting USB Microphone Kit: Another great option on USB Microphone is this one with the ability to cut down the noise by 97%, so right now you have a chance to grab it at 28% OFF right here!
  • TONOR Pro Condenser Microphone: Everyone needs to invest in a good microphone, especially if you are a musician, so the Tonor Microphone comes with a full set of cables and metal shock mounts, so you are ready to give it a go once you get it at your door. Hurry up while this deal still lasts and claim it here!

  • Karaoke Machine: Every date night with friends can’t go without goofing around and drinking, and I’m very sure of that. This karaoke machine comes with LED lights, remote control, a place to put your phone and connect it easily so you are ready to give it a go. Find this amazing deal while it’s 34% and claim it here.

  • JBL Professional 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement: JBL is a pioneer when it comes to speakers, so today you have a chance to save 31% OFF and treat yourself with the so long needed Sound Reinforcement. You can find this live deal right here!

  • Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone with Noise Cancelling for Interviews: If you are looking for a microphone that works for more than 24 hours with a single charge, this is a very good choice to opt for. The microphone is compatible with mobile, cameras, and it has a noise reduction switch. Right now, it’s 16%OFF so hurry up and claim it.

  • Zeal Sound Studio Microphone: This studio microphone with a portable adjustable tripod is 50% OFF right now, with a professional chipset and extra cables. Find this deal right here!

  • D’Addario NYXL1149-3P: These nickel-plated strings are break-resistant and allow you to play with more power than ever. You can find them at 15% OFF right now, so hurry up if you need some.

  • TONOR Wireless Microphone: Are you looking for a dual microphone that is THE DEAL right now? This one certainly is, and right now it comes at 39% OFF and you can order it right here!

  • CAHAYA 2 in 1 Dual-use Sheet Music Stand & Desktop Book Stand: Every instrument player needs a music sheet stand, and this one is a great deal coming at 15% OFF. Don’t miss the chance and get yours here!

  • D’Addario Humidipack System Replacement Packets: D’Addario System Replacement is on a great discount right now at 22% OFF, so get yours right here!
  • Dragonpad Studio Kit: Are you in desperate need to sing your songs on a great microphone that is professional and doesn’t buzz? This one is an excellent choice and right now at 28% OFF.
  • JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation Studio Monitor: This studio monitor is currently discounted at 47%OFF  and coming from such a brand, it’s definitely a must have!

  • Crossrock 355 Style Guitar Case Deal: This premium guitar case (fibergalss shell, with backpack), is currently on sale as a limited time deal via Amazon.
  • Roadie 2 Smart Guitar Tuner Deal: This innovative automatic guitar tuner is available via Amazon at this listing for 22% off today.
  • DR-Strings Lo-Rider Stainless Steel Hex Core 5 String Bass 45-130– Get 16% off these strings!
  • RockJam WeTune – Get 30% off on this clip-on tuner for all instruments!
  • PreSonus Audio Electronics Multitrack Recording Software– SUPER DEAL! Click on the link and get this recording software for 50% off!
  • D’Addario Accessories Eclipse Headstock Tuner – Available now 25% off!

How to Shop Guitar Deals Like a Pro this Holiday Season


While it’s still somewhat in vogue to trundle out to the big box Guitar store for deals, it’s definitely not necessary. Especially if you have a good working knowledge of quality brands.

Even without this, there are plenty of great review sites out there. In short, I created this page as a one-stop curated listing page for only the best Cyber guitar deals. If it’s junk, off-brand, or not really a “good” deal, I don’t bother mentioning it.

Believe it or not, there is an art to not getting suckered into just every musical deal that tickles your fancy…

  • Stick to Name Brands: Especially with higher-end musical equipment, go with the trusted brands. In particular, if you are looking for pedals, amps, and other electronic accessories, the market of off-brand low-quality equipment should be treated as dubious.
  • Make a List of What Models you Want: Try not to stick to just one. Give yourself a top 3-5 guitar models that you would be comfortable with and then jot them down. When they specifically go on sale, pull the trigger. There is nothing worse than getting tempting into buying something because of a steep discount, but you never wanted it in the first place.
  • Browse the Competition: With free shipping these days, it doesn’t hurt to shop around. Alternatively, you can check out a page like this one (created by Yours Truly) where I curate across the major retailers

Happy shopping and keep jamming!

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