How to Read Guitar Chord Charts

Trying to decipher guitar chord charts can be intimidating even if you can already read conventional sheet music. Other instruments that allow you to play more than one note at a time, like pianos, rely on traditional methods of notation that have a direct, one to one translation between the notes depicted and what you […]

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What are Power Chords

What are Power Chords: An Introduction That Can Make You Better

Playing the guitar is all about making an art form of physics, bending sound waves to your will to make your songs come into the real world from where you hear them in your brain. But sometimes your fingers haven’t quite caught up to the patterns in your head, and that’s where power chords come […]

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The Best P90 Pickups Reviews

The Best P90 Pickups For Your Guitar!

Learning how to play an instrument is probably one of the most fruitful decisions a person can ever make. The discipline, focus, responsibility, and coordination that come together with learning this new skill have great benefits that can greatly improve a person’s life. The guitar is an instrument that can bring much joy, even if […]

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Logic Pro vs Pro Tools – Which is the Best DAW for You?

As the DAW market continues to expand, and the tools available for home recording enthusiasts become more accessible, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available. We’re here to try and help you with that. And today, we’re going to look at a couple of the long-standing stalwarts of digital music production: […]

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Ibanez TS9 VS. TS808

Ibanez TS9 vs TS808: Which is the Best Option?

The Tube Screamer from Ibanez is one of the most highly-rated guitar effect pedals on the market. Not only this, but it has also become a base for the development of many innovative overdrive pedals. Some of them are clones of the original model, and the others are a version based on the same technologies […]

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Flanger vs Phaser Understanding the Key Differences

Flanger vs Phaser – Understanding the Key Differences

Guitar players work with melodies, notes, and chord progressions to produce songs. They also have an arsenal of audio effects for adding creativity to their productions. The most commonly used audio effects – modulation effects help in adding dimensions, movement, and colors to your sounds. Flanging and Phasing are two popular modulation effects, and as […]

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Ibanez AM93 VS Epiphone ES 335

Ibanez AM93 vs Epiphone ES 335 – Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Battle!

From sweet melodies to wild tones, semi-hollow guitars have always held a special place in the world of Western music. And, that’s one reason why the vs debate is all over guitar forums and threads. Both Ibanez AM93 and Epiphone ES 335 are best-selling semi-hollow guitars on the market, and beginners, as well as professional […]

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The Best Flanger Pedals

The Best Flanger Pedals That You’ll Love

People start learning how to play the guitar for a bunch of reasons. Some of them are just fans of good music. Other would like to take their time to develop a new skill/learn how to play a new instrument. Some children do it because their parents “made them to”. Others find that it’s a […]

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Blues Driver VS Tube Screamer

Blues Driver vs Tube Screamer – Which Distortion Pedal Should You Buy?

If you’re looking to crank up your electric guitar playing to eleven, a well-deployed distortion pedal is a great way to do it. It puts the fuzz on your notes and chords without disguising where you’re coming from, and you can add as much edge as you want without drastically altering your playing style. It’s […]

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Dreadnought vs. Concert

Dreadnought vs Concert: Which is a Better Acoustic Guitar Variant?

When you search for top-rated acoustics guitars online, the Dreadnought vs. Concert comparison is something you’ll undoubtedly find. Both Dreadnought and Concert are best-selling acoustic guitars, and the competition is neck and neck. In fact, the Dreadnought vs. Concert debate has been going on for years now. So, if you’re an acoustic guitar enthusiast who […]

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