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Flanger vs Phaser Understanding the Key Differences

Flanger vs Phaser – Understanding the Key Differences

Guitar players work with melodies, notes, and chord progressions to produce songs. They also have an arsenal of audio effects for adding creativity to their productions. The most commonly used audio effects – modulation effects help in adding dimensions, movement, and colors to your sounds. Flanging and Phasing are two popular modulation effects, and as […]

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Ibanez AM93 VS Epiphone ES 335

Ibanez AM93 vs Epiphone ES 335 – Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Battle!

From sweet melodies to wild tones, semi-hollow guitars have always held a special place in the world of Western music. And, that’s one reason why the vs debate is all over guitar forums and threads. Both Ibanez AM93 and Epiphone ES 335 are best-selling semi-hollow guitars on the market, and beginners, as well as professional […]

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Dreadnought vs. Concert

Dreadnought vs Concert: Which is a Better Acoustic Guitar Variant?

When you search for top-rated acoustics guitars online, the Dreadnought vs. Concert comparison is something you’ll undoubtedly find. Both Dreadnought and Concert are best-selling acoustic guitars, and the competition is neck and neck. In fact, the Dreadnought vs. Concert debate has been going on for years now. So, if you’re an acoustic guitar enthusiast who […]

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A Guide To the Best Distortion Pedals on the Market

Want to sound like your favorite rock guitarist? Or perhaps you’re looking to increase your pedalboard by experimenting with new sounds? This guide will take care of what distortion does to your guitar, why you should use it and a brief look at five of the best guitar pedals out there right now. What is […]

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The Yamaha FG800 VS. FG830

The Yamaha FG800 vs FG830 – The Acoustic Guitar Battle!

While Yamaha might not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to acoustic guitars, they’ve actually been making them since the mid-60s, when they introduced their FG180 model.  Made in Japan, this affordable guitar quickly became a firm favorite amongst those first learning to play or on a tight budget because, […]

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Best Octave Pedals on the Market

The Best Octave Pedals on the Market

This guide is designed to give you the rundown of the best octave pedals available on the market, so you can improve your guitar or bass playing and choose the perfect device for you. We’ll give you a detailed overview of our top 5 octave pedals, weighing up the pros and cons so you don’t […]

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Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

The Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

If you’re a guitarist who is not playing on stage, a mini amplifier can be a good choice. Even if you already have the main amplifier, the best mini amplifiers for guitar can work as your additional amplification support for performances that require lower volume or mere doodling around with the guitar. They’re especially a […]

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The Best Looper Pedals On the Market Now!

As a musician, you can create magical music or an entire symphony of sound by simply layering loops on each other using the best looper pedals on the market during a live performance. If you’re someone who’s fond of complex patterns and intricate harmonies, a good looper pedal can come in handy during live performances. […]

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