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Epiphone Casino Coupe Review: Should You Buy It?

Epiphone Casino Coupe Review: Should You Buy It?

Our Epiphone Casino Coupe review will give you everything that you need to know about this guitar so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth buying.

No doubt you will know the Epiphone Casino that was made famous and used by legendary acts like The Beatles, Paul Weller, and Keith Richards. The Coupe model as we’ll find out is a more compact and smaller version but still holds its own when it comes to sound quality. In fact, many musicians have switched to the smaller version of the Casino for a number of reasons.

We’re going to look into the main features of the Epiphone Casino Coupe to find out how it performs. You’ll discover the pros and cons of this model of electric guitar, what the alternatives are and we’ll also answer some key questions so you will have everything that you need before you buy.

Key specifications of Epiphone Casino Coupe

The Casino Coupe has a fully hollow ES-339 body shape with layered maple. The neck has a mahogany finish and it is available in three colors – cheer, turquoise, and vintage sunburst.

Find the main specifications for the Epiphone Casino Coupe below.

Body ShapeES-339
Body MaterialLayered Maple
FretsMedium Jumbo (22)
PickupEpiphone P-90T Classic™ Dogear
WarrantyLifetime for original purchaser
Our score9/10
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Core features of Epiphone Casino Coupe

epiphone casino coupe review

Even though the Epiphone Casino has been used by some of the biggest names in the music business, how does the Casino Coupe model stack up?

We are going to have a look at the shape and size of this guitar, how it sounds, its reliability as well as some of the other features that this electric guitar offers.


The Casino Coupe is a more compact version of the Casino and it is more on par with the Les Paul in terms of size but it is a lot lighter. If you like the original Casino but feel that you need something a bit smaller then this is definitely a guitar to consider.

It has the fully hollow body design of the original Casino but fits it into a smaller ES-339 body which is ideal for a number of reasons.

Perhaps one of the big differences between the Coupe and the larger Casino is where the body meets the neck. On the original model, this is at the 16th fret while on the Coupe the neck and body meet at the 19th fret. This means you have easier access to the upper part of the guitar which can be a godsend for learners and those who want to move on from the beginning to a more intermediate level of playing.

Overall we really like the size of the Epiphone Casino Coupe. If you don’t feel like hauling a large guitar around or you simply want a smaller version for easier access and convenience, then the Coupe certainly ticks all of these boxes.


Probably the most important part of any guitar – how does it sound?

It is all very well the Coupe being the smaller version but if it comes at the expense of a great sound then the size difference will hardly be worth it. The great thing about this guitar is that it sounds absolutely fantastic and if you only have one electric guitar at home then we’d recommend it is this one.

The hollow body allows for an acoustic session – although don’t expect it to sound as good as a fully acoustic guitar but it offers a lovely acoustic sound nonetheless. The two P-90s on the Casino Coupe are ideal for playing a variety of sounds so you can range from rock, Jazz, funk all the way to blues.

It also offers more resistance to feedback which is mainly down to its smaller size and you get a lot of resonance with this model too. You do have to hear it to believe it because the Coupe provides a great sound and performance for a wide variety of music styles. Does it offer the same sound like the original Casino? Well, not exactly but it certainly isn’t a million miles away, and given its smaller scale it does a very good job.

Other features

Comfort is often at the top of the list for buying a new guitar and the compact nature of the Epiphone Casino Coupe makes it a very comfortable guitar to use.

The actual manufacture of the guitar is very good too. While there have been some poorer quality Chinese made guitars in recent years, the Casino Coupe doesn’t fall into this category. We found the overall look and feel of the guitar to be of a very high standard.

The LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge is fully adjustable. This was created by Gibson back in the 1950s and you’ll find it on most electric guitars these days. It allows you to adjust string height and the overall intonation. In fact, the LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge is actually set to play well straight out of the box and this guitar holds its tune adequately.

You can alter this as you see fit while it also features top Hat volume and tone controls, ¼” non-rotating nickel input jack as well as a Trapeze tailpiece.

Epiphone CASINO Coupe


Ensuring that your guitar maintains its performance over time is one of the big indicators you’ll look for before making a purchase. Even though the Casino Coupe is hardly the most expensive guitar on the market you don’t want it to start losing its quality in the short term.

Epiphone is well known for providing high quality and durable guitars and there is no reason why the Casino Coupe is any different. We’ve found guitars that have been several times the price of the coupe and haven’t stood up to the rigor of live gigging or even just playing at home over a sustained period of time.

Luckily the Coupe has durability written all over it. You may want to replace the strap buttons if you’re using it on stage but apart from that, there is no reason the out of the box model won’t last you for a long time.

Pros of Epiphone Casino Coupe

This compact version of the original Epiphone Casino has a ton of great features and these are the main plus points of this electric guitar:

  • Small size – It can be a bit debatable as some people will prefer a full-size guitar but the compact nature is a big bonus. If you don’t want to lift a big guitar around or simply are more comfortable learning and playing on a smaller model, the Coupe is an ideal choice.
  • Upper fret access – On the original couple the body and neck meet at the 16th fret while on the Coupe the neck and body meet at the 19th fret. This gives you much better access to the upper part of the guitar and can be a lot more comfortable and efficient for many people especially those that aren’t too experienced.
  • Fantastic sound – Seriously, the sound on the Casino Coupe is among the best that we have come across especially for a guitar in this price bracket. Whether you are playing this acoustically due to the fully hollow body or seeking a roaring rock sound, this guitar will deliver both and everything in between too.
  • Durable and reliable – You shouldn’t come across many problems with this guitar in the long run. It has been exceptionally well made and whether or not you are gigging or just practicing at home, the guitar itself is highly durable. The reliable sound and consistent tune that it holds are also major benefits.
  • Top hat knobs – Something we haven’t touched on is the top hat knobs. Some of the vintage style knobs don’t round off the metal points however the Coupe does so you won’t need to worry about cut fingers when using this guitar.

Cons of Epiphone Casino Coupe

Even though the Casino Coupe is definitely up there with some of the best guitars around especially for the price, not everything is rosy and there are a few downsides to tell you about.

  • Feedback – To be honest the feedback with the Coupe isn’t bad and it certainly isn’t terrible for an electric guitar with a fully hollow body. It isn’t going to suffer as much feedback as the bigger Casino model but it can still be present. It perhaps isn’t ideal for heavy rock as a result of this or if you play on stage at super high volumes but it certainly isn’t the worst out there.
  • String replacements – We haven’t found many issues with the manufacturer strings that come with the Casino Coupe so this is probably right down to preference. The default strings can feel a bit tough on the fingers so you may want to replace them to suit your own needs.
  • Doesn’t come with a case – Not something wrong with the guitar as such but it doesn’t come with a case so this is something you will need to purchase in addition to the guitar if you don’t have one that will fit already. It isn’t a massive downside just an extra cost that you will need to factor in.
Epiphone Casino Coupe
Image from Flickr

Are there any alternatives?

Epiphone Les Paul

epiphone les paul

This is an electric guitar that we have looked at in the past and the Les Paul is fairly close to the same size as the Casino Coupe. It is one of the more iconic guitars out there given the artists that have used it in the past.

It does weigh a bit heavier than the coupe although not excessively so. The Epiphone Les Paul is ideal for those who are transitioning from a beginner guitar to something a bit more advanced and it has been used by many bands including My Chemical Romance. It is similarly priced as well to the Coupe (albeit slightly more expensive) and offers a real high-quality sound.

It’s mahogany and maple finish is a joy to look at from an aesthetic point of view. If you are looking for an alternative to the Casino Coupe this is usually one of the first on the list and it is a great guitar for the price.

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Question: Is the Casino Coupe smaller than the original Casino?

Answer: Yes. This is a compact version of the original Casino model and still retains many of its features just on a smaller scale. You may find the Coupe a bit more comfortable due to its reduced size.

Question: Is there a left-handed version of the Casino Coupe?

Answer: No, this guitar is only available in right-handed for the time being.

Question: How many strings does the Casino Coupe have?

Answer: The Casino Coupe has 6 strings which is the norm for most guitars although there are variations.

Question: Can I change the strings on the Casino Coupe?

Answer: Yes, like most electric guitars you can swap the strings on the Casino Coupe. It is very easy to do and you will find various videos online if you need help.

Question: How much does the Casino Coupe weigh?

Answer: The Epiphone Casino Coupe weighs around 6 lbs with steel strings. For comparison, the original Casino Coupe generally weighs around 12 lbs.

Question: Does the Casino Coupe come with a case or gig bag?

Answer: No, the Casino Couple does not come with a case or gig bag so you will need to purchase one separately.

Final thoughts

The Epiphone Casino Coupe offers a fantastic sound in a compact body for a very good price. Given the illustrious history of the Epiphone Casino and the musicians that used it, the Coupe has a lot to live up to.

As a somewhat scaled-down and compact alternative to the Casino, there are a great number of things that the Coupe does well. It’s smaller size will be suited to certain people given the easier access to the upper fret and the guitar is durable and reliable as well. It is also fairly lightweight which will appeal to many and it weighs less than the similarly sized Les Paul.

Even with all of this, it is with its sound that helps the Coupe become a great guitar. With its fully hollow body, it can be used as an acoustic guitar however when plugged in it comes into its own as well. Will you find better sounding guitars out there? Of course but when you consider the price of the Casino Coupe it really is hard to go wrong.

While it has a few drawbacks such as the occasional feedback and the fact that it doesn’t come with a case, these are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things.

Overall the Epiphone Casino Coupe is a fantastically well-made guitar that offers a compact size with a ton of great features and craftsmanship that is ideal to beginners and intermediates alike.