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Fender Super Champ X2 Tube Amp Review

As a guitarist that’s making your path in the world of music, the progress of technology is certainly beneficial to your musicianship. Whether you play by ear, can read tabs, are fluent in the language of sheet music, enjoy playing heavy metal or prefer to surround yourself in the world of jazz, having the right […]

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The Best Tablets That Musicians Will Love!

Being a musician isn’t easy. It takes hard work, practice, dedication, then more hard work and practice. It can be a grueling experience just trying to learn the basics, let alone mastering them. Lucky for the musicians of today, technology has made learning and practicing, along with mastering, easier than ever before. With tablets, armed […]

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Acoustic Electric Guitars vs Non-Electric Acoustic Guitars

A Guide On Acoustic Electric Guitars vs Non-Electric Acoustic Guitars

So, you’re on the Internet, and you’re shopping around for a new acoustic guitar when you run into something that’s called an ‘acoustic electric’ guitar. You’re probably a little bit confused because the instrument looks like an acoustic guitar, so you’re just figuring it’s a typo of some sort. A quick search on Google turns […]

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top 5 guitar hangers

Top Five Best Guitar Wall Hangers (and How to Choose the Right One!)

Playing guitar is a whole lot of fun and an adventure in itself, but what are you supposed to do when it’s time to put your instrument down for the day? Chances are if you’ve been playing guitar for a little while, you probably already have a decent guitar stand. Guitar stands are great to […]

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The Top Six Best Delay Pedals for Guitar

The delay pedal is one of the most commonly found effect pedals use in guitar effects. Even just playing around with one effect such as the delay pedal can really help to add extra flair to your sound, without you having to learn a whole bunch of additional skills or scales! The majority of delay […]

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Top Five Best Guitars for Left Handed Players

Having your dominant hand be your left hand can be a bit difficult, but even more so in the guitar community. The majority of the guitars made in today’s market are for right-handed players, but thankfully some companies are starting to get on board with making guitars for left-handed musicians. While most in-store options do […]

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The Best Locking Tuners: What Are Locking Tuners?

When you were shopping around for a guitar a little while ago, you probably bought the best instrument that you get with the budget that you had. A few years have gone by, and you’ve noticed that your investment just isn’t sounding as good as it once did. Or maybe you just picked up a […]

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