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Best Mitchell Acoustic Guitars Guide

Best Mitchell Acoustic Guitars Guide

Mitchell guitars are a name you often see when you walk into Guitar Center. There’s usually an entire section of value instruments under their name. However, few know about their origin and how to rate them. In this article, I’ll demystify the brand and guide you towards the best Mitchell acoustic guitars that nail the price/quality ratio. 

Bottom line up-front: Mitchell guitars aim to satisfy the beginner and intermediate players who want maximum value on a budget. They are well worth it but are limited to when you reach your upper intermediate years of playing.

The one thing In which they beat most mid-range builders is the Tonewoods. Even the cheapest guitars will have decent tonewoods, while the most expensive ones are on par with some big brand starter guitars in quality while being more affordable.

mitchel acoustic guitars

My Top Mitchell Acoustic Guitars at a Glance

  • Mitchell T331 Solid-Top Dreadnought- Best First Guitar

The T331 is one of the best-sounding beginner acoustics I have ever tried and one of the only guitars with a solid top at this price point.

  • Mitchell O120CEWPM – For Your First Gigs

This budget acoustic-electric is perfect for players who just started jamming with friends or playing small gigs.

  • Mitchell T333CE-BST Acoustic Electric – Best Value Acoustic Electric

This is a fantastic instrument for the intermediate player who needs an easy-to-play and good-sounding guitar on stage.

  • Mitchell DJ120 Junior – Best For Travel and Children

The power of a Dreadnought is compressed into a small-sized travel companion for an even smaller budget.

  • Mitchell T413CE Torrefied Acoustic Electric – Best Overall

The most expensive Mitchell guitar can rival and beat any similarly priced big-brand guitar in almost every aspect.

About Mitchell Guitars

As you might suspect, Mitchell guitars are owned by Guitar Center and exclusively produce beginner to mid-range acoustic guitars and electric guitars. The company started in 1986 as Guitar Center’s house brand, named after the retailer’s founder Wayne Mitchell.

I want to reassure you regarding the quality check of the guitar, as many tend to quickly judge Mitchell guitar as Guitar Center’s way to sell more to beginners. They are solid, well-built, and inspected by the company before anyone tries them at the stores.

Mitchell T331 Solid-Top Dreadnought

Mitchell T331 Solid-Top Dreadnought

I often said that Dreadnought-shaped guitars would never get old. Their resonance and tone are unbeatable, even when the Tonewoods are poor. The T331 adds good Tonewoods to the mix at under 200$. Put this guitar head-to-head with any 200$ or 300$ acoustic without a solid top, and it will almost always have a better tone. 

I first tried this guitar while looking for a beginner guitar for a friend’s daughter. It caught my attention due to the classy finish, and I immediately bought it after playing a single Em open chord. It just sounded too good for the price, and I was tempted to get one myself to turn into a Beater guitar.

As a budget instrument, it has flaws. The action is not bad, but nothing impressive. Tuners are cheap, and you might need to replace them. The body feels slightly thinner than usual.

Mitchell T331 Solid-Top Dreadnought Pros

  • Well balanced tone
  • Good looking finish
  • Loud 
  • Good Tonewoods
  • Great value

Mitchell T331 Solid-Top Dreadnought Cons

  • Feels easy to break
  • Not a very low action
  • The tuners are not good

Mitchell O120CEWPM Acoustic Electric

Mitchell O120CEWPM Acoustic Electric

You can buy a stylish and easy-to-play acoustic-electric in the same price range as the T331. You get slightly less tone for a better playing experience and modern look.

This guitar compromises some aspects and offers a playable neck and an acoustic pickup system. However, it does so at such a low price that it’s hard to resist. It will get you through a jam session or a small gig, but don’t expect a great sound on stage. 

The biggest flaw is that it’s not very reliable due to the low-level hardware used. It won’t have built flaws like other cheap guitars, but you will see its limits once you get better at playing, and it won’t handle many bumps.

If the big Dreadnought is too big for you, this guitar is smaller and overall easier to play. Tone-wise, they don’t compare, yet for a total beginner who can’t even play open chords, it might be better to have this guitar and then transfer it to a Dreadnought.

Mitchell O120CEWPM Acoustic Electric Pros

  • Great value 
  • Good finish
  • Easy to play
  • Decent preamp

Mitchell O120CEWPM Acoustic Electric Cons

  • Feels easy to break
  • Not much tone
  • Not a great plugged-in tone

Mitchell T333CE-BST Acoustic Electric

Mitchell T333CE-BST Acoustic Electric

A few steps up the grade of acoustic electrics is the T333CE-BST from Mitchell. This is my favorite value guitar from the Terra series and the best middle ground you can find from the company.

Differently from the previous guitar, this can pull off a show with a good unplugged tone as the Fishman preamps, and acoustic properties are much superior. The guitar also fixes the main issue you might have on stage, tuning stability. The sealer gear tuners are smooth and reliable, as you would find in much more expensive guitars.

As for the tonewoods, you can’t ask for a better selection of Mahogany and Rosewood at this price. The tone is well-balanced. It leans from the bright side but manages to keep some mid-range warmth. 

Mitchell T333CE-BST Acoustic Electric Pros

  • Great built quality
  • Good Tonewoods
  • Detailed flat preamp system
  • Easy to play

Mitchell T333CE-BST Acoustic Electric Cons

  • Slightly harsh sounding when plugged in
  • Not loud

Mitchell DJ120 Junior

Mitchell DJ120 Junior

As the name suggests,  the guitar is also the go-to for children and travelers. It’s the travel guitar I wish I had with me in my backpacking days or the one I got as a present as a kid.

The guitar is a shrunk-down version of a big-sized Dreadnought. It has a great sound for a little body but comes with limitations, as the price suggests. The biggest issue I found is tuning stability and, at times, intonation. Both aspects are not there for anything above playing it for the fun or learning guitar.

These issues, though, will not be that apparent to children who have just started playing. If you \want to improve the guitar, changing the tuners will fix most problems.

Mitchell DJ120 Junior Pros

  • Great value
  • Easy to carry
  • Well balanced tone
  • Easy to play neck 
  • It comes with a gig bag

Mitchell DJ120 Junior Cons

  • Not loud
  • The tuners are not good.
  • Intonation is not very good across the entire neck.

Mitchell T413CE Torrefied Acoustic Electric

Mitchell T413CE Torrefied Acoustic Electric

The Mitchell T413CE is the best Mitchell acoustic guitar you can buy now. It’s the only instrument that could serve even advanced players well to recreate a vintage feel and tone.

The best thing about the guitar is the Torrefied Tonewoods. Torrifying is a process in which the wood is treated to recreate the effect of aging. The result is a strong guitar with a warmer tone than its non-torrefied counterpart. 

Out of all the guitars from Mitchell, I think this is one whose plugged-in tone is as good as the acoustic properties. The Fishman electronic deliver well the mid-range punch and eliminate the bummy low mids most mid-range guitars have. The guitar will sound good when you plug it in without any EQ tweaking.

I would use it for a big at any time. Probably even for high-level things, as long it’s not the only instrument holding the song together. You would need a  guitar from a big brand like Martin or Taylor.

Mitchell T413CE Torrefied Acoustic Electric Pros

  • Great Tonewoods
  • Flat electronics with detailed EQ
  • Good plugged-in tone
  • Easy to play
  • Balanced tone with some mid-range warmth

Mitchell T413CE Torrefied Acoustic Electric Cons

  • Nut much punch and richness when playing chords
  • Not loud

Mitchell Acoustic Guitars Alternatives

There are more mid-range guitar builders today than ever, making it easy to find alternatives and confusing to pick one.

Yamaha FS830 Concert Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS830 Concert Acoustic GuitarYamaha is a more popular mid-range guitar builder with a broader selection than Mitchel. This guitar, in particular, is better than the beginner models I listed here and not much more expensive.

Even though the Tonewoods used by the FS830 are not the best on paper, they sound better than most Mitchell budget guitars with solid tops. Playability and built quality are almost equal, leaving the choice to your playing style.

Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany Acoustic-electric Guitar

Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany Acoustic-electric Guitar

Taylor ranks among the top premium guitar builders in the world, with its cheapest models starting at the price of Mitchell’s most expensive. 

The GS Mini-e Mahogany might be the bottom line of Taylor, but it strongly rivals the Mitchell T413CE. I find it better sounding than the Mitchell, which wins when it comes to playing comfort.


Question: Where are Mitchell Acoustic guitars made?

Answer: Mitchell acoustic guitars are all made in China. Only a few electric models are made outside of China. Some models are manufactured in collaboration with South Korea-based Cort Guitars.

Question: How are Mitchel Guitars so cheap?

Answer: Part of the reason they are so cheap is because of the low production outside the US. Another reason is that they are owned by Guitar Center and find their way from China to the shops quickly, without any middleman involved in raising the price.

Question: What are Mitchell guitars good for?

Answer: Mitchell guitars are great for beginners, emerging beginners, and intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players.

My Verdict on the Best Mitchell Acoustic Guitars

Judging mid-range instruments is challenging as they stand between two distinct playing levels. Mitchell makes it slightly easier by not having the most common issues that beginner and intermediate guitar typically have.

Like most things in music, the story has two sides depending on the individual experience. 

Why Go for a Mitchell Acoustic?

The built quality and Tonewoods on Mitchell acoustic guitars are some of the best you can buy for the price. Even the most efficient modern builders often offer one or the other, rarely both. 

Mitchell acoustics are ideal for you if you are a beginner or intermediate player who wants a first instrument or to replace their budget with a reliable guitar.

Why Avoid a Mitchell Acoustic?

I will only avoid Mitchell acoustic guitars if you want the quality of a 1000$+ big brand. Mitchell guitars are meant for non-professionals and do have a limit to their versatility.  

You could push their lifespan into early advanced days for acoustic-electric, mainly if you only use a plugged-in guitar for a few songs on a set. Even the best Mitchell Dreadnaught won’t cut it, though, if you are into folk, country, or anything where the guitar is the lead instrument.