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Best Shijie Guitars Guide: Top 3 Picks

Best Shijie Guitars Guide: Top 3 Picks

If you’re considering buying a new guitar, then my best Shijie guitars guide will inform you of this brand and my favorite guitars from its catalog.

Shijie has been mostly unheard of in the guitar world but is becoming increasingly popular due to their use by Youtubers predominantly. The recent exposure of this brand has alerted people to a pretty decent design-build with an affordable price.

In this guide, we will look at the brand first, a short selection criteria for choosing the most appropriate Shijie guitar, before I round up my favorites.

If you’re in a rush, here is a snapshot of the 3 guitars I will be recommending.

At a Glance: Best Shijie Guitars

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About Shijie Guitars

Shijie guitars have many attractive features that appeal to guitar players. Firstly, they’re the result of expert craftsmanship and have beautiful aesthetics. I have found them to sound just as good as they look and that there is a range of unique colors, from charming and subtle, to elegant mixtures.

The shape of Shijie guitars is suitable to fit average adult hands and is easy to handle with comfortable play. Most Shijie guitars that I have come across are pretty light in weight, making them a great choice for travel guitars, but of course, the downside is that this can mean they’re less robust than heavier guitars.

Given the price point of Shijie guitars, the sound quality is remarkable and can certainly match models from giant companies. The materials used in these guitars are of outstanding quality; rare and exotic woods, which not only look amazing but lead to a natural, classic sound one would expect from a much more expensive instrument.

Shijie guitars have made some innovative changes to the standard electric guitar, which people are really enjoying as the guitars become more elevated online.

Buying Shijie Guitars

When looking online for Shijie guitars, there isn’t yet tons of information you’d find with other brands. But, remember, this doesn’t mean they’re bad guitars; it simply means they’re on the rise and not quite there yet.

From my research of this brand, I have come up with a short buying guide to help you to decide on the best Shijie guitar for you:


I advise you to look at shipping, as the company does not ship to every country (yet). So, before you go any further, it would be wise to look at whether you can actually obtain one of these guitars. You can find Shijie dealers here.

A greatly beneficial side to the shipping is that you are absolutely guaranteed to receive your guitar due to Alibaba’s trade assurance service. Any issues with shipment are dealt with directly by the company; there’s no third-party courier service which can lead to many problems.

A huge downside to the shipping is that you may have to wait a significant amount of time to receive your Shijie guitar if doing so directly from the supplier, which is a necessity for some models.

Those in New Zealand and Australia have the least amount of time to wait, with delivery expected to be completed between 34 to 80 days. Asian customers can expect a wait of 34 to 85 days. Those in North America may have to wait up to 90 days, and for consumers in central or South America, completion may be up to 115 days.

For the models I have chosen as my ‘best of,’ I have included estimated delivery times within the US.

Color and Design

Shijie guitars really shine with their color choices, which are vast and diverse. In addition to plain color options, such as block black and white, there are many pattern options and color combinations that can make for an eye-catching guitar.

When determining the right color and design of a Shijie guitar, the single most important thing is that you like the aesthetics.

The color of the guitar you choose can have visual significance if you are playing to an audience and have bright stage lights illuminating you. In this case, a more interesting pattern design can really upgrade the overall image.

I have found that the color and design of Shijie guitars don’t tend to have much of an impact on the price point.


Shijie guitars are within the affordable range for most. Being made in China has aided the brand in keeping manufacturing costs low, which is reflected in the retail tag. But, in addition to the guitar, there may be other purchases needed, such as amplifiers, cables, picks, strings, a neck strap, a guitar case, and a guitar stand.

The price of Shijie guitars varies quite considerably, depending on where you buy from. In some circumstances, it may be worth shopping around for the best price.

There are Shijie guitars that retail for $2000 or more, so consider if this is value for money or even within your budget. It may be that you’re looking for an electric guitar for a beginner, which will likely mean that you don’t want to spend a lot initially.

Shijie guitar

Selection Criteria

You will note there are only three guitars I have chosen for this guide, but that is because I truly believe them to be the best examples of the brand. Here’s how I made my choice:


I looked across the Shijie models to see the differences between specs and features. I have decided on a more simple model (JAV-FR), a mid-range (Shijie 2020 TLV), and a more complex one (Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS) to ensure every reader has an appropriate guitar to look at in this guide.


In my guide, there are two very similarly designed guitars and one (the JAV-FR) that is pretty unique. I decided to bring the best of the brands’ range into this piece to showcase what they’re really about and the differences in designs that they offer.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews were difficult with this one, so I had to look in more unusual places such as YouTube and Reddit to find out what people really thought about their purchases. The guitars I have chosen have received the most positive feedback over other models.

3 Best Shijie Guitars

Shijie JAV-FR – #1 Top Pick


  • Marple Neck: 3 Pieces
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • African Mahogany Body
  • American Stainless Steel Frets
Buy Here
Shijie 2020 TLV Stainless – #1 Budget Pick


  • Roasted Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Stainless Steel Frets
  • 12 Color/Pattern Options
Buy Here
Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS


  • Roasted Maple Quarter Sawn Neck
  • Roasted Maple Fingerboard
  • American Stainless Steel Frets
  • 7 High-Gloss Color Options
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#1 Shijie JAV-FR – #1 Top Pick

JAV-FR Shijie guitars

For guitarists looking for something a little more unique than a standard electric, the Shijie JAV-FR certainly ticks that box. Consumers have two color options, with the body color remaining black, but the outer strip can be yellow or red. Both options are eye-catching, although the red may be slightly more refined.

The neck of the JAV-FR is made from maple wood, the fingerboard is hand-crafted using ebony wood, and the body is crafted from African Mahogany. This guitar is a prime example of the brand’s exotic, expensive wood combinations.

I found this guitar simple to operate straight away. There are passive and active electronics with a simple 3-way switch volume operation and switch boost button.

I would recommend this model as a solid choice for those wanting an electric guitar for metal music. The sound is impressive, and with the right amp, you would certainly fill an arena with ease.


  • Impressive sound
  • Unique Body Shape
  • High-Quality Wood
  • Expert Craftsmanship


  • Expensive
  • Long Delivery Wait – Around 3-months

#2 Shijie 2020 TLV

Shijie guitars TLV shijieguitars 2020 TLV Stainless

Another American-strat style by Shijie I particularly like is the Shijie 2020 TLV. The RRP listed by Amazon is not accurate pricing, and this model is actually around the $700-$750 mark. However, the estimated shipping time is accurate, so if you order this now, expect a wait of up to 3-months; location depending.

There are stunning color designs, but I was immediately drawn to the sky blue and its vintage look.

A contoured heel joint, 1-piece maple neck, and a maple skunk stripe contribute to this guitar looking completely spectacular. I was blown away by the attention to detail with this guitar and all the parts used; a flawless construction.

When it comes to sound, the 2020 TLV masters all genres in the street wheelhouse; it is full, articulate, clean, and as glassy as you could expect, with an impressive honk from the bridge.

There are some components, particularly around the neck area, that you wouldn’t even find on big brands. The electronics are top-notch, and a guitar with similar specs and custom wood made in the US would retail at around the $2000-$2500 price point. The Shijie 2020 TLV offers incredible value for money.

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  • Incredible Value for Money
  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Impressive Attention to Detail
  • Full, Clean Sound


  • Inaccurate Pricing Shown Online
  • Long Delivery Wait

#3 Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS

STE Stainless frets SSS

The final guitar in my guide is the Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS, which is genuinely a strong contender for the #1 position. This strat-style guitar is mid-range at around $750 and a very high-end model in its country of origin.

I do dispute one element, however. The brand cites the quarter swan neck as being C-shape, and it could be considered this way, but I feel it is more of a U-shape due to shoulders on each side of the base. Nevertheless, the maple-wood neck looks fantastic and feels great.

It is clear that the STE is a high-quality guitar.

What has really blown me away is the flame panel skunk stripe; this is a hugely impressive thing that I haven’t even found on high-end American-made guitars – it may be there, but I haven’t seen this before.

The Wilkinson branded tuning keys are an upgrade (and huge improvement) on older models which featured locking keys. The guys at Shijie listened to customer feedback regarding issues with previous locking keys and changed them. Kudos for that.

The frets are highly polished and look awesome with the high-gloss finish of the body as a backdrop. Again, there’s been great attention to detail in the construction.

The Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS features a 5-way switch, two tonal controls, and a replica Fender deluxe neck plate. Playability is fantastic, and it’s great fun to noodle with. You would easily be convinced you were listening to a Fender guitar as regards sound.


  • Amazing Value for Money
  • Great Attention to Detail
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Lightweight
  • Great Playability
  • Excellent Sound


  • Long Delivery Wait
  • Can be Difficult to Come by Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Warranty Like with Shijie?

Answer: This brand has excellent consumer protection due to the Alibaba Trade Assurance service. But, in addition to this, Shijie will also send out any replacement parts needed for a guitar purchased directly from them or a trusted dealer.

The company will pay for any shipping costs, but I can’t determine precisely how long the warranty period is. However, the after-sales service seems to be exemplary.

Question: What Level of Guitar Skill is Best Suits to Shijie Guitars?

Answer: I believe that Shijie guitars are designed for professional play but that a non-professional beginner would be able to see significant improvements in their playing with this brand. Shijie guitars aren’t jam-packed full of technology to get to grips with, making the operation a simple venture from the outset.

In general, I would suggest that a professional or advanced intermediate player would be the best match for this brand.

Question: What Amp Matches Shijie Guitars Best?

Answer: Any good-quality amp would match this brand, but I would personally look at a Fender due to the sound of Shijie guitars being similar to Fender. Have a look at our guide on Fender Vs. Mustang to see if either of these amps are to your liking, as I think both would do the job well.

If, however, you’re looking at this brand due to its affordability factor, then you may want to combine it with a less expensive pedal amp: here’s our guide to the best pedal amps to buy in 2022.

Question: How Different are Shijie to American-Made Guitars?

Answer: Now, I know American-made guitars are global successes; their quality just cannot be disputed. But, if a Shijie guitar had an American-made guitar logo stuck on top of it, I highly doubt anyone would know the difference.

To compare to the guitars in this feature, check out our favorite guitars by Fender to see if you agree.

Shijie guitar frets

Best Shijie Guitars – My Verdict

Overall, Shijie guitars are an excellent choice for those wanting a great-looking, great-sounding, and greatly affordable electric guitar. I feel that the sound of the Shijie STE Stainless frets SSS rivals any high-end American guitar on the market today while offering remarkable value for money.

Information about Shijie guitars is thin on the ground, but you will find them being discussed on many guitar forums, with the general consensus being that they’re pretty awesome!

One thing you may notice online is that people are a little dubious of the brand due to it being Chinese. If you’re not a geography snob and realize that the materials and craftsmanship for Shijie guitars rival the top American brands, then you will have yourself a guitar that provides incredible value for money.

If image and being ‘out there’ is your thing, then the top choice must be the Shijie JAV-FR. This model is a truly unique piece, with impressive attention to detail and a full, clean sound. However, there is inaccurate pricing shown online in some places.

I was drawn to the Shijie 2020 TLV and particularly its top-notch electronics. If you were to buy an American-made guitar with similar specs, you would be spending more than double the money than you would for this. The only difference I can tell is there isn’t a Fender, Mustang, Yamaha, etc., logo.

Shijie has managed to keep most consumers happy – if a little disappointed with the wait for delivery completion.

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