The Ultimate Justin Guitar Lessons Review: For Those Who Want to Keep Learning

If you’re a beginning guitarist who is looking for inexpensive guitar lessons, you should take your time and check out Justin Guitar review. Justin Guitar offers completely free online guitar lessons that have a decent quality to them and a suitable selection of courses to choose from.

Justin Guitar allows users to choose from three levels of lessons:

  • Beginners Guitar Course
  • Intermediate Method
  • Style Modules, which includes blue rhythms, blues lead, fingerstyle folk, and a small selection of metal and rock

Justin’s beginner’s course is completely free to use; it’s so free to use that you don’t even need to give his site your credit card information. If you’re just starting out on guitar or not exactly sure you even want to start playing guitar, take some time to give Justin Guitar a look at.

Beginner’s Course

The beginner’s course is split into ten different stages and in these stages, players will learn:

  • Common FAQs that beginners have with answers
  • What proper technique is
  • A selection of open chords
  • Rhythm training
  • How to properly apply your picking technique
  • A little bit of music theory
  • Power chords
  • Palm muting
  • Some finger style training
  • Minor pentatonic scale
  • Training techniques
  • Practice schedules
  • Practice exercises

Each level that you enter in has a different song that you will learn. You do not have to pay for anything for the beginner course, but Justin Guitar strongly encourages donations. However, if you can’t afford the price tag that comes with other online guitar lessons, Justin Guitar is a great place to start with.

The beginner’s course is perfect for anyone who has never touched a guitar before or for anyone who is looking for some basic knowledge about how to play the guitar or improve their technique.

If you’re a guitarist that’s self-taught, you may also want to go through these lessons, just to see if there’s anything that you may have missed when you were teaching yourself. It doesn’t hurt to look!

Intermediate Course

In Justin’s Guitar course, the intermediate method is broken down into five foundations; these are lessons that build up a player’s foundation that is needed to be able to confidently play, no matter what their style is. This course helps to encourage and build proper technique for comfortable and confident playing.

The lessons that are taught in the intermediate course are:

  • Different barre chords
  • Major scale
  • Keys
  • Learning the fretboard
  • Advanced techniques
  • How to bend strings
  • Improving fingerstyle technique
  • Advanced rhythm training
  • Dynamics
  • A song to learn that incorporates all of these lessons

The intermediate course is also free but comes with some DVDs that you can purchase for some extra education. You do learn a lot in this free course, but if you really want to go above and beyond in your understanding of the guitar, the DVDs really help.

This course is great to enter in if you are someone who has already completed the beginner’s course or who has had some basic training on the guitar in a properly structured manner; if you have ever completed any online training or in-person guitar lessons.

If you are a self-taught musician,I would still suggest that you start off with the beginner’s course, just to make sure that you have a solid understanding of all of the topics covered in that course.

The courses that Justin’s Guitar offers through their style modules offers a mix of both free and paid courses.

  • Master the Major Scale is only available through a paid DVD
  • Solo Blues is only available through a paid DVD
  • Blues Rhythm Guitar offers free online course and a paid DVD
  • Blues Lead offers a free online course and a paid DVD option Folk Fingerstyle offers a free online course and a paid DVD

Teaching Quality

I am more of an independent physical learner and I found that the teaching style that Justin employs is not only easy to understand, but his directions are very clear and concise. I also enjoyed how all of the videos that I used from Justin’s site all had subtitles, which really came in handy because there were certain times where his accent was very clear.

All of the lessons also have subtitles for each of these languages:

  • Spanish
  • Croatian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Romanian

I also found the lessons to be perfectly paced; Justin didn’t go through each lesson at a speedy pace. Instead, he really took his time to explain everything, which was very nice to see in the beginner’s section.


Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the videos and learning experience that Justin’s Guitar lessons provided users with. It was really nice to see high-quality beginners videos for free, which is really hard to find.

These lessons were also organized very well; some online lessons will teach beginners songs on sheet music before they even teach their guitarists how to read music.

I did not find one single lesson that was lacking in knowledge; each lesson was very thorough and there weren’t many important things that Justin left out in the beginner’s section. My biggest complaint is the style modules, as I’m not exactly sure how learning how to play major scales is a module, but that organization is up to Justin.

I understand that the style modules are still being worked on, but the beginner and intermediate lessons that are free are really impressive and worth the experience. I also didn’t enjoy the heavy push to purchase beginner’s products, like DVDs and books.

There were DVDs that cost around $50 and any excited beginning guitarist may be tricked into purchasing that DVD when they don’t even really need it.

If you are a guitarist who is looking to improve technique, can’t afford guitar lessons, or want to expand on your guitar knowledge, Justin’s Guitar lessons are something that I would highly recommend that you check out. Even if you can afford to pay for lessons, I would also suggest that you check out these lessons and really learn those basics.

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