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Peavey Rockmaster Review and Buying Guide

Peavey Rockmaster Review and Buying Guide

My Peavey Rockmaster review is a must-read for anyone considering purchasing this guitar. Before including some comparable products, I will delve into all the details you need to know about this model and list its pros and cons.

There are many things to factor in when selecting a guitar, and one of them is the size. If you’re looking for a ¾ guitar vs. full size, then you may have come across the Peavey Rockmaster during your search. This guitar is a solid choice when wanting an affordable guitar that truly looks the part, but is this the right guitar for your needs?

Those looking at the Peavey Rockmaster will often do so for children due to its ¾ scale, and it is an excellent choice for a first guitar (ideally for those in the 9-13 age bracket). You can find numerous child-friendly designs from the Marvel Universe, such as Iron Man and Superman.

In addition, there are limited edition models of the Peavey Rockmaster that have been signed by the great Stan Lee, although these guitars do cost considerably more than the base model.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Peavey Rockmaster.

Peavey Rockmaster Key Specifications

Size 3/4
Humbucker 1
Knobs Volume and Tone
Single Coil Play Push/pull Tone
Number of Frets 21
Scale 22.5
Neck Material Maple Wood
Fretboard Material Rose Wood
Body Wood Basswood
Latest Price See here

Core Features of the Peavey Rockmaster Guitar

Peavey Rockmaster Guitar

Here I will detail the core features of the Peavey Rockmaster guitar to help with your purchasing decision.

Neck and Body

The Peavey Rockmaster has a condensed body size, measuring 22.5-in in scale length. For those with smaller hands or for children, this size ensures comfortable play, but it may not be a suitable choice for all.

Standard materials have been used in the construction, which helps to maintain an affordable price. There is a double-cutaway basswood body, and maple wood is used for the neck. The neck is a bolt-on attachment, which can reduce the aesthetics somewhat.

When looking at the best guitars for beginners, the Peavey Rockmaster has one of the most appealing body designs I have seen, especially for children, owing to the range of glossy, cool image options.

The Peavey Rockmaster has a rosewood fretboard that features a complete twenty-one frets; all are easy to access because of the double-cutaway body shape.

As you would expect with a budget range guitar, the general playability of the Rockmaster can be upgraded by completing a proper string change and set-up. Although, I found that the guitar did play well straight from the box.


For some, the hardware of the Peavey Rockmaster will definitely be lacking. However, if you’re looking for a more straightforward guitar that is budget-friendly, then you may expect the hardware not to be top-notch.

Peavey designers have decided to opt for one humbucking pickup, which sits at the bridge. There is a push/pull coil-splitting feature located on the tone control knob, and you can experiment with single-coil acoustics, too. I believe this to be an entirely unique feature for guitars at this price point.

The Peavey Rockmaster features tone control (multi-functional), fixed bridge, master volume control dial, and basic diecast chrome tuners. The tuners work pretty well, and I found the Rockmaster to stay in tune throughout medium to heavy jamming sessions.


Peavey Rockmaster Sound

Now, you’re not going to be blown away by the sound of the Peavey Rockmaster, but you may be surprised at how good the quality actually is, considering the price point. Overall, the sound is clear with a crisp tone.

There’s a limit on versatility due to the single pickup and limited controls, but this is adequate for those at the beginner level.

I consider simplicity to be the greatest feature of this guitar; it’s never going to sound amazing but will be sufficient for a learner or bit-time hobbyist.


You have to register your Peavey product directly with Peavey (here) to be eligible for their warranty protection. Typically, you will receive a 2-year warranty on guitar defects in material and workmanship in products purchased and serviced in the U.S.

Pros of the Peavey Rockmaster


Have I already mentioned just how affordable the Rockmaster is? If not, it really is. The quality is good, the sound sufficient, and with simple playability; this is an ideal choice of guitar for learners, children, or those who just want a hobby instrument.

Tip: Check out our guide on establishing a guitar practice routine if you’d like some advice on establishing a practice routine.


Peavey is one of the biggest makers and suppliers of expert sound equipment and instruments in the world. Although essentially known for their amps, they do have a range of guitars that I rate pretty highly, including the HP2 BE electric and their Dreadnought series.

The brand started as a one-person operation in 1965 and now distributes thousands of products to hundreds of different countries. They’ve remained pretty small and humble online and offer free guitar lessons to beginners, with video tutorials and no purchase necessary.


There are so many buying options with the Peavey Rockmaster. During my research, I have come across Deadpool, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Superman.

For parents who really want to encourage and entice young learners into the guitar world, the visual appeals available for the Rockmaster are like no other I have seen from other brands. Although considered a gimmick by die-hard guitarists, for a parent wanting to treat their child to something super-cool, this guitar definitely ticks that box.


Peavey Rockmaster

This guitar is so easy to play. There’s no complicated set-up, and tuning couldn’t be more simple. I feel that for those who just want to strum absentmindedly or who are looking to learn guitar playing, the Rockmaster is an excellent option.

Cons of the Peavey Rockmaster

Difficult to Find

During my research, I found it pretty challenging to come across a new Peavey Rockmaster model. Many are currently out of stock or unavailable. Of course, this means great bargains are to be had with used models, but if gifting a guitar, it may be difficult to find a brand new model (at the time of writing, anyway).


The construction and materials are not the greatest I have seen. The Rockmaster doesn’t feel or play like a high-end guitar, which can limit the enjoyment or ability to experiment.

I have found many reviews from verified consumers who state this guitar to feel shoddy and overpriced for what it is.


In order to receive warranty protection for a Peavey Rockmaster, there are pretty strict criteria and a fairly lengthy registration process to go through. With many other brands, you’re simply covered from the moment you purchase your instrument.

The Best Alternatives to the Peavey Rockmaster

If you’re not yet sold on the Peavey Rockmaster, then I have rounded up a few comparable products for you to consider.

Luna 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

Luna 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

The Luna 3/4 Acoustic Guitar is a slightly more expensive option than the Peavey Rockmaster but has a lot of things going for it. Firstly, I love the child-friendly color options, especially the teal sparkle and pink sparkle – there is a black sparkle and white sparkle option for those who want less in-your-face aesthetics.

The Luna 3/4 guitar has a non-cutaway, dreadnought body type with a rosewood bridge and basswood top wood. The fingerboard is made from rosewood, and the neck wood is mahogany (which may contribute to the higher price point). The scale length is 22.5-in, and there are 19 frets.

This is an acoustic guitar with no special features. Although affordable, this is possibly at the higher end when looking for children or learners’ guitars. There is a case to match, but this is sold separately.

eMedia My Guitar 3/4 Nylon-String Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack

eMedia My Guitar 3/4 Nylon-String Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack

For children, the eMedia My Guitar 3/4 Nylon-String Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack is a solid choice. Suppose you’re looking for a child’s first guitar but aren’t sure that they’ll actually commit. In that case, this pack is hugely affordable and contains everything needed to get going, reducing the risk of further financial losses.

One of my favorite aspects is the soft nylon strings that are easy on young players’ fingers, meaning that uncomfortable hardy strings should not be a reason to give up. There is also a guitar strap, pick, additional string set, and nylon gig bag included.

The pack includes the award-winning eMedia guitar software, which features animations, videos, interactive music games, easy songs, and 60 fun tutorials, including how to tune a guitar and play chords.

Peavey Raptor Plus Electric Guitar

Peavey Raptor Plus Electric Guitar

Peavey doesn’t only make guitars for kids or beginners, and the Peavey Raptor Plus Electric Guitar is a fine example of one of their more up-market models. Although still affordable, when it comes to electric guitars, the Raptor Plus is more expensive than the Rockmaster and more suitable for players with some previous guitar knowledge.

There is room for musical expression with the five-way pickup selector, which offers a wide range of tones. This guitar features a wide-top-pole single-coil pickup and has a hot humbucker in the bridge position.

The Raptor Plus comes in black, red, white, and sunburst design and looks stylish, sleek, and classic. Although it may not be targeted towards younger learners, it is suitable for smaller hands and isn’t that much bigger than a 3/4 guitar.

I believe this instrument to be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to get into the electric guitar world without breaking the bank.

Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar offers quality tone at an entry-level price. This guitar is capable of performing at small events and venues, yet a perfect choice for beginners.

The electronics provide a nice plugged-in toe and EQ settings, but the 20-fret neck may restrict players from hitting higher notes, and the abrasive fretboard could interfere with the bending of strings.

You can’t go wrong with this for a compact, portable guitar featuring the Yamaha name and signature sound, especially if budget is a restriction.

Yamaha has made this affordable due to choosing nato wood over mahogany, and although this does somewhat reflect in the sound and overall durability, this is still an outstanding guitar for a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Best Amp to Buy for the Peavey Rockmaster?

Answer: If you’re looking at the Peavey Rockmaster for a child, learner, or hobbyist, I would look for similar features within the amp: affordable, portable, basic. For this reason, I would choose to purchase a mini amplifier for the Rockmaster. Battery-powered amps could also be worth looking at to tick the same boxes.

Really, any amp would be compatible with the Peavey Rockmaster, but it depends on the sound quality you want and the budget you have for what would be the most suitable.

Question: Is the Peavey Rockmaster the Best Choice for Kids?

Answer: Personally, I love the design options with the Rockmaster and believe them to be very visually appealing to the children. I like the softness of the strings and the ease of play. However, I do think there may be better options out there.

There are so many things to consider when looking to buy your child’s first guitar. To learn more, read our guide on the best guitars on the market for kids.

Question: I’m Worried About the Warranty – Will Peavey Last?

Answer: If you saw the brand featured on Undercover Boss, then you are understandably concerned about the warranty and if Peavey will live as long as it!

To reassure buyers, I have discovered that Peavey owns 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing facilities and currently holds 130 patents with an average of 90 new products added to the 2000-strong portfolio annually. This information tells me that the brand is here to stay.

The Peavey Rockmaster Review – My Verdict

I believe that the Peavey Rockmaster 3/4 guitar is a solid choice for a child, hobbyist, or newbie. I love the design choices and have found nothing else like them aimed at children that stand up to this range.

Considering its affordable price, decent sound, and excellent playability, the Peavey Rockmaster is an excellent choice for a range of players. It will never live up to Fender or Yamaha, but it doesn’t claim to, either.

There are guitars of much higher quality out there, which may provide a more versatile experience for players, but will come with a much higher price tag. If you’re unsure of the commitment yet, it makes sense to go for a guitar at this price point. And, if this isn’t the Peavey Rockmaster, then maybe it’ll be one of the alternatives in this guide.

As with any guitar, there will always be pros and cons, and often these will come down to personal choice. For me, the Peavey Rockmaster has many more pros than cons, and I would proudly purchase this for my child as a welcome into the world of the guitar.