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Best Taylor Guitar Options You Need to Know of

If you’re looking for your new guitar then welcome! In this feature, we’ll be guiding you through the wonderful world of Taylor Guitars. Taylor is a company synonymous with acoustic and acoustic-electric models that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

The company itself was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor. Since then, Taylor Guitars has gone on to become one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world, producing over 130,000 items per day.

They specialize in acoustic and semi-hollow electric models whilst using a number of innovative techniques and patented designs. These designs and innovations, along with the use of materials such as Oak and Mahogany mean that Taylor Guitars are considered very good quality.

Despite having product lines that sit both ends of the pricing scale, this quality is always guaranteed.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at five of our favorite models and assess the pros and cons of each. We’ll then answer some of the

Best Martin Guitar Options: How to Pick the Right One

If you’re looking at taking the plunge and buying a new guitar then you’re in the right place. Today we’ll be looking at the range of guitars Martin has to offer.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know like which Martin guitars are best, what makes them so good, what you will need to be wary of, which price point each model sits at, and which model suits different playing styles the best.

We’ll also be covering a range of frequently asked questions in a bid to help you make a more informed choice.

Whether you’re totally new to the wonderful world of guitars or a seasoned vet looking to add another to their collection, our guide is here to help.

Once you’re done here you can see what kind of accessories you’ll need, which

Epiphone Masterbilt DR 500MCE Review: Should You Buy It?

I’m excited today to be reviewing and writing about the Epiphone Masterbilt DR 500MCE. The guitar world is full of big-name brands who have built a reputation for creating some truly classic instruments whilst pushing the boundaries of what is possible for musicians to achieve.

Epiphone is one such brand.

Having been established back in the 19th century by a violin maker and luthier, the company has its roots steeped in musical tradition.

They didn’t actually start producing guitars until 1957, by which time financial issues had forced through a sale to a little company called Gibson. The rest, as they say, is history with Epiphone becoming responsible for some of the most popular guitar models of all time.

In this review, we’ll be focussing on one of their most recent m

Orangewood Guitars Review [2021]: Are They Worth Buying?

How Good Are These Entry-Level Acoustic Guitars?

Have you seen some of the irresistible offers by Orangewood? These budget-friendly instruments from California are getting bigger and bigger each year while maintaining their reasonable price and super-convenient e-commerce ‘modus operandi’.

Our Orangewood guitars review will answer all your curious questions and help you decide whether you should get one of these guitars too.

When you think of

Martin DRS2

Martin DRS2 Review 2021 — A Martin for Players on a Budget

Martin DRS2 Review 2020 — A Martin for players on a budget

Martin makes some of the best acoustic guitars on the planet and has been doing so for over a century. It’s difficult to mention the words “acoustic guitar” or “dreadnought” without thinking of Martin, and the company practically invented the acoustic guitar as we know it today.

Of course, with all this notoriety Martin guitars come with a hefty price tag, and these guitars can be out of the range of most player’s budgets.

Enter the Martin DRS2 — a guitar that still lives up to Martin’s iconic name, with all solid-wood construction and a discreetly installed pickup. This guitar makes the iconic Martin tone available to the budget-conscious acoustic player and is Martin’s most cost-effective all solid wood guitar yet.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this budget-fr

Best 1/2 Size Guitar: Top Picks and How To Find The Right One

Are you looking to introduce your young child to the world of music?

If your child is too small to hold a full-size guitar, you may be looking into purchasing a 1/2 size guitar. A half-size guitar is a great option to go with if your child is too small to hold on to a full-sized instrument. Not only are they easier to handle, but they’re also easy to carry around because of their size.

Giving your child a half size guitar for them to learn how to play on has a large list of benefits. There are many different quality levels that a half-size instrument can come in. Purchasing a half-size guitar for your child will ensure that your child doesn’t get frustrated attempting to hold an instrument that’s too big for them.

With all of the different models on the market,

taylor vs martin guitars

Taylor vs Martin Guitars [2021]: Which Brand Is The Best?

Taylor vs Martin Guitars: Which Brand Makes Better Acoustic Guitars?

The acoustic guitar market is dominated by a handful of brands, so your standard options will vary from Gibson and Fender to Yamaha or Ibanez. Hence it is inevitable that as a guitar player you will reach a point where you will have to compare Taylor vs Martin guitars.

Both brands offer a broad range of acoustic and acoustic/electric models, so in this article, we are going to use the Taylor 110e and Martin D-18 to compare guitars made by these two manufacturers.

Both Martin and Taylor have a long history of producing great-sounding instruments that were used by some of the most influential guitar players of our time.

Our Taylor vs Martin comparison i

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