Christmas Guide to the Best Guitar Gifts for Guitarists 

The perfect gift for the musician in your life can be very hard to find, especially if you don’t know too much about music. That’s why we’ve created today’s list, so you’ll be certain to find the perfect present for the guitarist in your life. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday present, an anniversary gift, or other sorts of holiday gifts, this list will have something that’s perfect for your guitar player!

One of the biggest problems that come with shopping for guitarists for Christmas is that they have a ton of individual pieces that make up their collection, so you’re not entirely certain about what they have, what works, what needs to be replaced, what they really need, and what certain pieces of equipment are.

Our list contains a mixture of guitar equipment, guitar related items, for electric and acoustic players, as well as small bits and pieces that a lot of musicians don’t ever think about owning, but would really make their lives a lot easier!

Guitar Lessons

This is going to be the very first suggestion in this list, simply because education is one of the most powerful tools in the world. After purchasing a new instrument, a lot of musicians don’t have the extra money to get themselves signed up for music lessons. Even if your guitarist has prior musical experience, playing the guitar or switching guitars can be difficult and confusing.

Purchasing music lessons for your musician friend, whether it be online lessons or private lessons, is a great way to get them on the right track to finding a healthy hobby to be passionate about.

L’MS Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Holder

Using a smartphone while playing guitar is sometimes extremely difficult, especially since you have to hunch over to read what’s on your smartphone while still trying to strum your guitar!

Using a smartphone holder that can be placed on your guitar allows the musician to clip their phone to their guitar, pull up their favorite tabs, and start playing. The smartphone holder can also be used during tuning with a tuning app! Most smartphone holders for the guitar can fit a variety of smartphone sizes, too!

Headstock Tuner

A guitar tuner is one accessory that all musicians actually need, but the majority never get around to using. Having a tuner that isn’t connected to the guitar of your body is extremely annoying to use because you have to hold the tuner (or try to balance it on a stand) to tune your instrument. While this process doesn’t take the longest amount of time, it does take a few minutes and it’s extremely hard to get your tuner balanced up to the instrument.

But, when you’re playing your instrument on stage in front of a live audience and you’re looking to adjust the tuning, it’s extremely painful to unplug your guitar from an amp, get your tuner set up, and adjust your tuning. A headstock tuner relieves that painful process and is a lot easier to work with!

Using a headstock tuner, you aren’t going to have to unplug your guitar’s instrument, which also means that you don’t have to risk the guitar’s amplifier going haywire. Secondly, the external sound that’s created by said audience doesn’t affect the tuning capabilities of the headstock tuner.



If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero, playing gTar is extremely similar to this fun video game. With gTar, you’ll be able to play the ‘easy’ way, by performing chords via a light that flashes on the fretboard of the neck, which tells you where to place your fingers. This is a great way to increase your skill set if you’re really struggling to develop your guitar skills.

Slide Ring

A slide ring isn’t like a traditional slide that covers the entire part of your finger; actually, slide rings are much more convenient because they allow you to slide, but also allow you to use your fingers when you’re playing a chord. This would be the perfect gift for a blues guitarist, but musicians of all genres would appreciate this ring equally.

iTrack Professional Dock

The iTrack professional dock is a hi-tech device that turns your musician’s iPad into a professional workstation with many different features that are useful to their music production.

By plugging their iPad into the dock, the musician can then plug their guitar into the iTrack, press record on their iPad and being recording whatever they’re playing. The iTrack also allows musicians to plug in microphones to record their music or to charge their iPad while they’re recording!

VariGrip Hand Exerciser

As someone with small hands and fingers, I found that my hands became easily tired when I first started out playing the guitar. Doing some research on the internet, I found that a lot of guitarists suggested using a hand exerciser to strengthen up my hands and fingers.

I used my hand exerciser several times throughout the day and I found that my fingers weren’t as easily fatigued while playing, especially on chords that really required me to stretch out my fingers.

Using a hand exercise works all of the ligaments and the muscles in your hand, so your musician will be able to play for a longer period of time without experiencing hand cramping or fatigue.

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A Quality Guitar Strap

Guitar straps truly do become a treasured item over a period of time, just like some people have a favorite hat or a favorite t-shirt. When you end up purchasing a guitar strap, it’s going to become an accessory that’s going to be well-used over a period of time.

If the strap lasts a long time, it’s going to become a treasured item that’s kept for years to come. When shopping for a guitar strap, look for something that’s wide and made out of leather, as these straps will really support the weight of heavy guitars well.

Guitar Polish

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, most guitarists just spend their money on gear and strings, not at all thinking about the care and upkeep of their guitars.

Buying an expensive guitar polish is one of the least likely items that a musician is going to purchase is a quality guitar polish and will usually clean their guitars with a household polish, which typically ends up ruining of the guitar’s finish. Using polish that’s actually made for a guitar will ensure the safety of the guitar’s finish and the overall safety of the instrument.

Coin Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are actually made out of quarters, which means they’re going to last you a very long time, without you having to worry about these picks snapping or breaking! There are also several options on the internet that allow you to have your picks made out of dollar coins, which is also really cool!

Personalized Guitar Picks

You can also create your own personalized guitar picks using a picture or a quote, which serves as a really inexpensive gift. You can come up with your own funny sayings, have a picture of your face, or a picture of you and the musician together to place on the pick!



DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Creating your own pick for when you’re absolutely desperate for one seems to be absolutely genius, especially if your musician is someone who does a lot of gigs. With a guitar pick punch, the musician will be able to make guitar picks out of old credit card, which is also a great way to properly get rid of an old credit card.

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Alfred Electronic Pitch Pipe

While a tuner is an important part the entire experience, an electronic pitch pipe is also an incredibly handy tool to have around. It’s great to have around if they have a finicky tuner in their guitar accessories; an electric guitar tuner will instantly tell the musician whether a string needs to be loosened or tightened so that they can quickly fix any tuning errors they have on their strings.

Portable Guitar Practice Tool

No matter where your musician is, with the portable guitar practice tool, they’ll be able to practice the guitar. It’s not always the best or safest thing to lug your guitar around everywhere, so this guitar practice tool allows your musician to bring around a small version of a guitar!

This tool will allow them to practice chords, fingering progressions, and other technical things that they may be struggling with on the neck of their guitar.

A Killer Notebook

While this may not be the most exciting thing on this list, if you’re looking to stick to a strict budget, a notebook is a great option for a musician. As a guitarist myself, I know that it’s extremely frustrating to have a chord progression or a lick of song lyrics pop into your head and not have somewhere to write them down.

Having a notebook around that’s specifically for their musical purposes is extremely convenient, while also serving as a budget buy for you!

A Rug

Why would anyone want a rug for a gift? The majority of musicians have a practice space at the least, if not a practice room. A lot of musicians will just spend their money on different gear and different instruments, like guitar stands, stomp pedals, microphone stands, pedals, and different guitars.

While adding a rug to a room does help make a musician feel cozy and comfortable, a rug serves a large purpose. A lot of performers have their own rugs to stand on because their rugs are marked out for their equipment to sit on. That way, whenever they go out and perform at a bar or such, they’ll have the equipment in the same exact place as they would be performing at home, thanks to the help of the rug!



A Guitar T-Shirt

Okay, you might have already thought of this gift. What can I say? We love our t-shirts. If you want to help dress your favorite guitarist, why not buy them a guitar t-shirt. Also, any music genre shirt will do too? There are loads of cool shirts online that your guitarist would love!

ChromaCast Fold-Up Stool

If the musician you’re shopping for happens to be someone who sits down a lot to play and happens to play a lot of gigs, a fold-up stool would be the perfect gift.

Most stools can take up a lot of room in a guitar, but thankfully a few manufacturers produced a stool that is easy to both fold-up and break down entirely, making them super easy to fit inside of a car. With some models, there even is a proper footrest for the musicians to use if they don’t happen to use a guitar strap often.

Guitar Stands

If you’re close to the musician in your life and know that they’re just starting off on their guitar journey, you probably also know that they don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on extra gear, besides basic eminence on your instrument.

Purchasing a guitar stand is an extremely straightforward process that allows you to cradle your instrument, without the guitar ever touching the floor. There is guitar stands on the market to fit both acoustic and electric guitars; there are even stands out there that suspend the guitar by the neck! No matter their personal preferences or your budget, there’s a stand out there waiting for you!

Of course, you should check out my killer list of the top guitar stands on the market today where I give you some good tips, choose my top stand picks!

Aroma Self-Closing Guitar Wall Hanger

If you’ve noticed that the musician in your life doesn’t have a whole lot of floor space to store the guitar, a self-closing guitar wall hanger makes the perfect gift to store their guitar. This wall hanger allows the musician to store the guitar out of the way of the floor, as well as serving a decorative piece in the room that the instrument is being stored in!

A Gig Bag

Every musician, whether they travel or not, needs a quality gig bag. A gig bag protects the instrument, serves as a place to hold extra guitar accessories and sheet music, while also making carrying the instrument around a lot easier.

If you think that a gig bag wouldn’t make the best gift, you can try spicing up your gift by filling the gig bag with guitar accessories, like picks, guitar strings, sheet music, a capo, and other fun accessories!



Look for a gig bag that has small pockets and pouches, as these are the most valuable bags out there because they’re so useful! You can purchase branded bags from any music store, but there are unbranded bags that are available on the internet.

Gibson Memory Cable

The Gibson memory cable is an amazing space saver on your mobile devices; this space saver allows a musician to record what you’re playing so that you don’t have to use a different device to record while also having a cord plugged into your instrument to amplify your sound.

This memory cable is manufactured by Gibson, which is one of the world’s best guitar manufacturers, so you know that this is going to be a high-quality cable!

Marshall Micro Amplifier

This is a guitar amplifier that is a smaller-sized version of a regular-sized Marshall amplifier. With only one watt, this micro amplifier provides enough sound boost to make a very noticeable difference in the sound of your electric guitar or your acoustic-electric guitar, which makes it a lot of fun to use during practice!

It might not be the dream amp for your favorite blues guitarist, but this is a little package with a lot of fun that will fit nicely under any Santa’s tree!

In Conclusion

If you happen to have ae guitar player on your gift list for this holiday season and you aren’t a musician personally, there’s a pretty large chance that you’re going to struggle to figure out what to buy this person.

Buying musical equipment or other musical-related gifts can be extremely confusing, especially if you aren’t certain what the musician needs or what the musician already has. That’s why we created this article for you today so that you could find the perfect gift for the guitarist you’re shopping for.

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