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Best Sites To Get Guitar Music From For Free!

Best Sites To Get Guitar Music From For Free!

If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, you’ve probably spent some time looking around the internet for some free sheet music to download.

If you’ve spent some time looking for sheet music, you’ve also probably discovered that finding sheet music or free guitar tabs is extremely difficult to find. I know that I personally would prefer to spend more time playing guitar than to spend endless hours looking across the Internet to find new songs to learn on guitar. 

Some of the sites that are listed in this article are for specific genres or instruments only; we have some sites that only offer operatic pieces or vintage pieces of music, but there is something here for everyone on this site. Some of these sites only offer music for guitars, while others offer music for instruments of all sorts.

The one thing that all of these sites have in common is that they all allow you to download music for free, which is great! After spending so much money on an instrument, you’re going to want to find some music to play, without having to spend any money. Today, we’re delivering to you the best sites to get guitar music from for free! 


IMSLP stands for the International Music Score Library Project, which operates under Canadian copyright laws. This site has a giant collection of music with a large selection of contributing artists adding to the site daily. One of my favorite parts about this website is how organized everything is.


A lot of free music websites are hard to operate because there’s so much random music around the site, with no real direction to the site. However, IMSLP is well organized with a great selection of high-quality documents. I didn’t like the downloading process for the site; I found it to be a bit difficult to operate the downloading process, which tended to be a bit confusing. 

Ultimate Guitar Tabs 

If you’ve been a part of the guitar community for at least a few weeks, chances are that you’ve heard of the site called Ultimate Guitar Tabs. This is a site that’s an all in one type of site for musicians all across the board. However, a lot of musicians don’t understand how to properly use Ultimate Guitar tabs, which is what we’re going talk about today.

When using Ultimate Guitar Tabs, you’re going to want to search through their highly rated tabs. Their community has a five-star community rating system for all of the tabs that are submitted onto their site; look for the tabs that have a solid five-star rating with a lot of votes to the tab. This is how to find the best and more accurate tabs on Ultimate Guitar tabs. 

8 Notes

8 Notes is operated by an English music company that offers a large variety of resources for not only guitarists but all sorts of musicians and enthusiast. 8 Notes provides guitar tabs for free, all on an interactive interface. All of the guitar tabs and sheet music that’s offered on this site is downloadable in different formats, like GIF, MIDI, PDF, and mp3.

8 Notes

If I’m being nit picky about this site, the only complaint that I had is that they don’t offer a giant selection of today’s pop music hits. 

Free Scores

Free Scores is a French site that offers free Guitar Tabs to musicians all over the world; there is a large selection of sheet music and guitar tabs to provide songs to play and practice guides for musicians and enthusiasts.

Free Scores

While using this site, I really enjoyed that it was easy to find music per the instrument I played. On other sites I’ve used, I will have to sort through the instrumentation myself, but that was already done for me with Free scores.

The downloadable content is also available in several different formats, which is really great to have if you play guitar using different devices, such as a laptop, tablet, or a phone.The biggest complaint that I have about Free Scores is that some of the content is available only to registered users. 

Guitar Forge

If you’re looking for a site that will provide you with an unlimited amount of downloads, Guitar Forge will be your best bet. While the basic interface of the site may make it seem like there aren’t any good downloads available on the site, there is a great selection of music that’s perfect for someone who isn’t interested in learning how to play tabs.

Guitar Forge

All of the sheet music that’s on this site is easy to find, as this Guitar Forge is extremely use and navigate. My biggest complaint about Free Sheet Music is that there are a lot of ads on the site, which does make it look to be a bit on the messier side. 

Band Music PDF

This is a public library of sheet music and guitar tabs that are aimed towards vintage music from the Golden Times. If you’re into vintage music from some of the most famous artists from the Golden Times, you’ve struck gold with this site, no pun intended.

Band Music

All of the sheet music on this site is completely free and the downloads are of incredible quality. The only downside that we’ve already mentioned is that this site only has vintage music. 

Easy Sheet Music

While this site is probably only intriguing to a small portion of our audience, I still feel like this site is worth mentioning. If you’re interested in learning the accompaniment to operatic songs, Easy Sheet Music offers tabs for operatic accompaniment for guitar. There is sheet music available on this site, but this sheet music was comprised for pianos.

Easy Sheet Music

The quality of the guitar tabs are well organized, but you are limited to three free downloads per a day, which I found to be pretty annoying. There is also a small collection of guitar tabs on this site because it seems to be the main aim of the site to be for piano music, but there are still some guitar tabs available for downloading. 


I would suggest Delcamp to intermediate or experienced musicians who are interested in composing. Delcamp is a site where users create their own compositions and upload them to Delcamp; from Delcamp, you can download these individual compositions.


However, there are a lot of guitar tabs on this site, but if you’re a beginning musician, you can’t listen to a recording of a song to know if you’re actually playing the song properly like you can with other download sites. There aren’t any ads on this site and there are free tutorial videos available on certain songs.

The site is easy to navigate and download music on; all of the music that I’ve downloaded on the site is high quality, easy to read, and is printable. 

Free Sheet Music

I love using free sheet music for my private lessons because there is a great selection of different genres of music, which is really impressive for a number of resources that have been placed onto the site. All of the documents have quick links, so I don’t have to waste time looking around for the download button or how to save the music to my computer.


The site itself is extremely friendly to use, which just adds to the overall positive experience of using Free Sheet Music. 

Google Image Search

I often use Google Image Search to find practice tabs and even sets of sheet music to pop songs without having to pay a single penny. The only problem with using Google Image Search is that it can take a lot of time and effort to find a single complete song or tab.

There’s a whole bunch of content on the internet in all of the styles, niches, and instruments that you could think of. By using Google Image Search, I’ve been able to find sheet music for songs that I could never seem to find on tabs!

Guitar Tabs

guitar tabs

With an organized collection of famous music tracks readily available on Guitar Tabs, this website is great to use if you’re looking to find sheet music that’s available in not only guitar but multiple other instruments as well. Don’t be discouraged by the lacking interface, as this site does have a great amount of music that modern day musicians would find a lot of fun to play. 


Books are also a great source to find some decent guitar tabs if you simply can’t find anything online that you’re interested in. You can find sheet music books and guitar tab book in any music store or on Amazon.

 However, if you spend some time to thoroughly look through all of the music that all of these sites offer, you’re bound to find mounds of guitar music that you will want to play. Good luck on your hunt for music!