P90 vs Humbucker- The Ultimate Showdown

P90 vs Humbucker — The Ultimate Pickup Showdown

The question of “which is better- the P90 pickup or the humbucker pickup” is almost as old as “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” There is a whole list of significant differences between the P90 pickup and a humbucker pickup, not in only in how they are physically built, but also in the […]

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Top Four Best Short Scale Bass Guitars- Is Playing Short Scale Guitar Right for You?

Top 4 Best Short Scale Bass Guitars: Is Playing Short Scale Guitar Right for You?

A short scale guitar can be any guitar:  bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars- you name it, and there is probably a short scale version of the guitar on the market. These types of bass guitars are more compact than your average bass guitar and make an excellent choice if you’re looking to purchase a […]

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How to Fix That Annoying Fret Buzzing

How to Fix That Annoying Fret Buzzing: Best Tips I Can Give You

Fret buzz is a buzzing noise that happens when a string vibrates against one or more of the frets on your guitar. This is an extremely annoying problem and is especially common for new guitar players. You may experience more fret buzzing than other musicians that you talk to if you don’t practice any guitar […]

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Top 7 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps

The Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps

When battery powered amps were first released on the market, portable amps weren’t reliable. They didn’t produce a quality tone and were poorly made. With modern day technology improving, the overall quality of portable amplifiers has also improved. Nowadays, when you take time to shop around for a practice amplifier, you’re going to find some […]

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The Best Tenor Ukuleles on The Market Today

When you’re on the hunt for a new ukulele, finding the perfect ukulele can be extremely difficult especially if you don’t know a whole lot about the instrument. If you understand the very basic facts about ukuleles, the entire shopping and buying process will become a lot easier. Ukuleles come assembled from different woods, with […]

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top 10 best compressor pedals

The Best Compressor Pedals on The Market Today

Compressor pedals are a pedal that many guitarists are led to believe that they don’t need, so they never really know what they’re missing out on. Using a compressor pedal with your instrument will add distinction and character to your sound, while also balancing out your tone. Having a guitar compressor pedal in your gear […]

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Tips for Playing Guitar with Small Hands

Best Tips for Playing Guitar with Small Hands

There is one common problem in the guitar community that reaches across both new and experienced musicians. Learning how to play guitar with small hands Is quite the challenge. However, just because you’re struggling to reach the proper finger placement, doesn’t mean that you should give up on playing! Playing guitar with a set of […]

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Beedlove Pursuit Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review You’ll Love

While the Breedlove Pursuit isn’t your traditional classical guitar, it does provide musicians with a traditional classical guitar sound. The first thing that most musicians are going to notice about the Breedlove Pursuit Concert acoustic-electric guitar is the surprisingly distinctive sound that’s extremely difficult to find for such an affordable price tag. The comes with […]

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Ibanez SR300 Fretless Electric Bass Guitar Review

The Full Ibanez SR300 Fretless Electric Bass Guitar Review

If you are someone who has never played a fretless guitar or you’re not someone who plays fretless guitars often, I would highly recommend the SR300. This fretless bass guitar is extremely comfortable and easy to play. This guitar fits a beginner’s budget perfectly. Also, it is a reasonable investment that you can make without […]

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How to Easily Read Guitar Tabs: Tips for Reading Guitar Tabs the Easy Way

If you’ve never had any professional training, lessons, and didn’t learn any music theory while you were in school, the chances are that you aren’t somebody who can read sheet music. Typically, when you learn how to play guitar in a school or private lesson session, you’re going to learn how to play scales, how […]

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