The Top Three Best Combo Amps

The Top Three Best Combo Amps On The Market Today 

There are so many different types of channel amp brands, types, and models on the market today, so it’s totally understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have to pick from. Making the wrong decision when choosing your channel amp can not only cost your time and money, but can even […]

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Best Sites To Get Guitar Music From For Free

Best Sites To Get Guitar Music From For Free!

If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, you’ve probably spent some time looking around the internet for some free sheet music to download. If you’ve spent some time looking for sheet music, you’ve also probably discovered that finding sheet music or free guitar tabs is extremely difficult to find. I know that I […]

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jazz guitar

Do you need a Jazz Guitar to Play Jazz Music? 

If you’ve had any practice in the jazz field, watched any live jazz guitarists, or listened to any jazz music, you probably have wondered whether the semi-hollow guitar is the holy grail of jazz music, in guitar terms. You will find that a lot of jazz guitarists tends to gravitate towards using solid body guitars, […]

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Multi-Guitar Stands

The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Stands for Studio and Stage Use  

If you’re just starting out as a beginner guitarist, you’ve probably made the same mistake that we’ve all made at one point in time: you have probably assumed that all guitar stands are the same and you probably ended up purchasing the first one that you saw. Or maybe you make the bigger mistake and […]

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Best Gifts for Guitar Players

The Best Gifts for Guitar Players That They Will Truly Love!

Are you looking around for guitar gifts, but can’t seem to find that special gift for the person you’re shopping for? It’s a common known fact that shopping for presents for other people can be very difficult! Some people are easier to buy for, while other people present more of a challenge.  If you child, parent, […]

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How to Change and Replace Guitar Strings by Yourself

How to Change and Replace Guitar Strings by Yourself

Changing guitar strings actually isn’t too difficult of a task, but it can be very intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced guitarist that has never changed strings before, changing strings is a skill that be easily acquired through some simple instructions and a little bit of practice. This […]

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4 String Bass VS 5 String Bass- Which Guitar to Choose and Why?

4 String Bass vs. 5 String Bass — Which Guitar to Choose and Why?

The purpose of a bass guitar is to add flavor via sound to the rhythm in music genres; basically, all music genres have a bass line of some sort. An experienced bass guitar layer can help add harmony to music, while also adding moderate solos that are commonly played by electric bass guitars. If you’re […]

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14 Of The Best Guitars On The Market For Kids

14 Of The Best Guitars On The Market For Kids (Get Them Jammin’ Young!)

Picking out a starter level guitar for a young musician while not over spending on your budget can be a tricky task to juggle. If you have just a little bit of information in your back pocket, you will have the ability to pick out a guitar that fits your child’s expectations, that’s playability, affordable, […]

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Yousician VS Jam Play Online Lesson Comparison

Yousician vs. Jam Play Online Lesson Comparison: Which One Would You Love More?

If you’re a guitar player who is looking to improve your skills, whether it’s to improve your overall playing skills or just to learn in a specific area, Yousician and are both guitar lesson sites that can help you. Both Yousician and Jam Play are programs that have been designed to help beginning guitar players […]

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Guitar Tricks VS Justin Guitar Online Lesson Comparison

Guitar Tricks vs. Justin Guitar Online Lesson Comparison: Which is Best?

If you are someone who is looking to learn acoustic guitar or electric guitar without having o pay for a private teacher, you should take a few moments to read this online lesson comparison. This review is going to take a look at the pros and cons of two different sites, which are Guitar Tricks […]

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