Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

The Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

By Jodie Chiffey | Amps

If you’re a guitarist who is not playing on stage, a mini amplifier can be a good choice. Even if you already have the main amplifier, the best mini amplifiers for guitar can work as your additional amplification support for performances that require lower volume or mere doodling around with the guitar. They’re especially a […]

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The Best Looper Pedals On the Market Now!

By Jodie Chiffey | Pedals

As a musician, you can create magical music or an entire symphony of sound by simply layering loops on each other using the best looper pedals on the market during a live performance. If you’re someone who’s fond of complex patterns and intricate harmonies, a good looper pedal can come in handy during live performances. […]

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