The Best Telecaster Pickups Reviews

The Best Telecaster Pickups – Find the Right Pickup!

If you are a guitar player with a little bit of experience, then you already know that a Telecaster pickup that really helps you create that classic sound. Telecaster pickups have aided some of the world’s greatest musicians in defining their sound, from Jimmy Bryant to Bruce Springsteen. These pickups have inspired us to discover […]

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Best Octave Pedals on the Market

The Best Octave Pedals on the Market

This guide is designed to give you the rundown of the best octave pedals available on the market, so you can improve your guitar or bass playing and choose the perfect device for you. We’ll give you a detailed overview of our top 5 octave pedals, weighing up the pros and cons so you don’t […]

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Best Noise Gate Pedals Reviews

The Best Noise Gate Pedals – All You Need to Know!

The noise gate pedal isn’t a popular guitar accessory, not unless playing the guitar is something you do for a living. But despite the fact that it’s less known, it can be a wonderful piece of equipment that can take your sound to another level. So, today we’re wanted to talk about what they are, […]

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The Best Guitar Cables Reviews

The Top 6 Best Guitar Cables On The Market!

You would not believe how many fine details can make the difference between a good and a bad guitar cable. A lot of people think “Meh, it’s just a cable, how complicated could it be to choose one?”. It isn’t… not until you learn about what’s inside that black rubber, and how each of its […]

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Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

The Best Mini Amplifiers for Guitar

If you’re a guitarist who is not playing on stage, a mini amplifier can be a good choice. Even if you already have the main amplifier, the best mini amplifiers for guitar can work as your additional amplification support for performances that require lower volume or mere doodling around with the guitar. They’re especially a […]

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The Best Looper Pedals On the Market Now!

As a musician, you can create magical music or an entire symphony of sound by simply layering loops on each other using the best looper pedals on the market during a live performance. If you’re someone who’s fond of complex patterns and intricate harmonies, a good looper pedal can come in handy during live performances. […]

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hambucker vs single coil

Humbucker vs Single Coil: Which is Best for You?

The cool thing about electric guitars is how much you can change their personality with a single build tweak. One common thing that gives them the most personality is their pickups – those raised areas of plastic with circles of metal that sit under your strings. They’re what pick up the sounds from your strings […]

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How to Find the Best Guitar for Metal: A Heavy Metal Guitar Shopping Guide

Finding the perfect electric guitar for you to use to tear up a cover of your favorite heavy metal song or to perform an original will help you to distinguish yourself as a musician and your unique playing style. But what one friend may recommend as the ‘perfect’ metal guitar may not work for you, […]

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Rosewood vs Maple Fretboards: Which is Better?

When shopping around for a new guitar or having your guitar custom built a luthier, the most commonly overlooked feature in the buying process is the type of material used in the creation of a guitar. Many musicians, especially beginning guitarists, are under the impression that the type of wood used in the creation of […]

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Best Six YouTube Channels for Free Guitar Lessons

The Best Six YouTube Channels for Free Guitar Lessons

Getting started on your guitar learning adventure can be a costly endeavor, especially if you have absolutely no musical experience to lean on. Chances are, you may not have realized how expensive starting up and getting all of your guitar essentials was going to be. Not only do you have to invest in a guitar, […]

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