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Yousician vs Jam Play Online Lesson Comparison: Which One Would You Love More?

Yousician vs Jam Play Online Lesson Comparison: Which One Would You Love More?

If you’re a guitar player who is looking to improve your skills, whether it’s to improve your overall playing skills or just to learn in a specific area, Yousician and Jam Play are both guitar lesson sites that can help you.

Both Yousician and Jam Play are programs that have been designed to help beginning guitar players learn how to fluently and efficiently play guitar; while both of these applications do focus on teaching beginners how to play guitar, they both do offer lessons for both intermediate and advanced guitar players to learn and improve with.

From a beginner’s perspective, we wanted to compare Jam Play and Yousician to see if one site happened to be better than other in terms of educational value, cost, and learning quality. We wanted to observe to see if a novice guitarist would be able to properly learn how to play guitar with these sites and for what price.

These two sites do share something in common, however. Both Yousician and Jam Play offer games for their users to interact with, to detect the types of notes you’re playing and score your playing based upon whether or not you’re hitting the right notes, how clearly you’re playing them, and if you’re playing these notes at the right time.

You can use any guitar you please to take these games, since both of these online lessons just use a microphone to record you playing. On both sites, the songs that you can play and be recorded on are proprietary, so they’re not as fun as playing popular pop songs.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between Yousician and Jam Play is that Yousician is an app while Jam Play is a website that uses videos to teach lessons. While applications can be really fun to use, the amount of content and instruction that Yousician has doesn’t nearly compare to the amount of information that Jam Play offers.



Yousician is an application that’s easy to use; this company doesn’t take the time to hide any features, so everything is up front and easy to use. You can use Yousician on Apple, Windows, and Android products. There are several options for you to choose for upgrades, depending upon whether or not you like using the application.

I liked the quality of the graphics that Yousician used for this app, as many of these graphics are interactive. While I used this app, I noticed that it felt very similar to play a game on my phone, which I think would be a very interesting perspective for young musicians to interact with.

As for the actual educational part of the app, I found that using this app was a very easy way to learn how to practice the guitar, as well as learning different techniques. With the Yousician, this application can listen to you play and give you an overall score on how you performed, and that’s why this app felt like playing a game.

With a paid subscription to this app, you won’t experience any interruptions and you will be able to receive more advanced lessons.

switch instruments

If you’re shopping around for lesson options for a younger musician, Yousician is a very convenient and affordable application for younger musicians to use. The application is formatted to appear and perform very similar to a video game; it’s a fun and easy application
to use.

This is an application that you can use literally anywhere you go. If you’re someone who constantly carries your phone on you, Yousician will always be with you, ready to provide users with lessons. If you’re a bit experienced in the guitar lessons wave, Yousician was formly named as Guitar bots.

I find that Yousicain has been great to use for casual lessons whenever my students are on the go, looking for a quick tune to play.

Jam Play

jamplay lesson

Jam Play has a whole giant list of different guitar lessons for musicians to choose from, which is great, no matter what level musician you are. Compared to Yousician, Jam Play has more guitar lessons and more guitar teachers. Jam Play also offers HD video lessons, which made me feel like I was sitting in front of a real person, learning a lesson.

The site did an amazing job gapping the difference between online tutorials and having a private tutor by providing users with live lessons that you can watch on your phone or tablet. You can also set a time frame goal to choose how long you want to take to learn a specific song.

There is also several bonus materials that come with a premium membership if you choose to sign up for the $20 program, such as games ,a community forum, and bonus tracks to play along with.

jamplay still

The biggest complaint that I had about Jam Play was that there was a lot of material to go through, with many different instructors to choose from.

If you’re looking for something specific, it may take you a while to try the exact song/lesson and teacher that you’re looking for. It also can be difficult to choose where you want to start, if you’re not certain where you want to start your lessons.

Personally, if you’re actually looking to play the guitar, you should choose Jam Play.

Why Jam Play?

Jam Play is a website that requires a membership program, which provides users with a whole list of video lessons that are taught by different guitar teachers from all over the world. These teachers will give you lessons from the most basic guitar techniques to learning the most popular songs in each genre of music.

This is not an application and is the closest thing to being taught by a private guitar teacher.

jamplay better

While both of these applications does have free trials that allow you to test them out before making any purchase, you will eventually want to purchase a subscription from either one if you want to expand upon your guitar knowledge.

Through my testing of both applications, I found that if a student really wants to master the guitar, Jam Play is the way to go. They have a large list of different music genres as well as songs for you to learn and play from, which allows students to gain experience with many different playing styles and techniques.

You just don’t get the same personal instruction with Yousician as you do with Jam Play.


Yousician VS Jam Play Online Lesson Comparison

If you’re serious about learning how to play, the online videos that Jam Play have are much more helpful and educational than anything that Youisican offers. If you are a brand new beginner that doesn’t really know where to start, Jam Play is perfect for you to begin your journey with.

Jam Play also offers lessons for both intermediate and advanced guitarists who are looking to improve both basic guitar skills and more advanced techniques. Also, Jam Play offers lessons for Soul and R&B, which Yousician does not offer.

If you’re looking for an online lesson option that provides you with a personal tutor without the price tag, looking to learn from real musicians who have years of experience, and want to accompany your voice with your guitar like a professional, Jam Play has all that to offer to you and more.

However, with the free trials that both applications have to offer, you really have nothing to lose by trying out either site.