Yousician VS Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lesson Comparison

Yousician vs. Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lesson Comparison

The main difference between these two learning guitar platforms is that one is an application, which is Yousicain. Guitar Tricks is a website that requires membership for users to be able to use. This is the biggest difference between the two apps, besides the quality difference.

Yousician is a fun app to play- the way that this app was built, it’s a lot like playing a video game. However, Guitar Tricks has hundreds of different video lessons for users to choose from.



This is a fun app to use if you enjoy playing video games. Personally, I think that one of the coolest parts that this app has to offer is where Yousician actually listens to you play and provides feedback based upon your performance.

If you’re interested in using this app, there is a free trial version that allows you to give the application a test drive before you decide on whether or not you want to upgrade to the Yousician premium page.

There are many different game modes and skill levels for musicians to play from, which really opens up the app to players of difference advancement levels. There are constant updates to this application, with new songs, features, and diagrams being added often.

I find that the Yousician app (link to website) is a very entertaining app to learn how to play guitar on, especially if you find that you’re a person who gets bored easily.

Guitar Tricks

Personally, I believe that Guitar Tricks is the better choice when compared to Yousician. Guitar Tricks is the closest thing you can get to having a real life guitar teacher guide you through lessons. All of the lessons that Guitar Tricks offers to their viewers of a variety of guitar genres, difficultly levels, and songs to choose from.

Guitar Tricks is aimed towards beginners, but even those who have years of guitar experience can learn something from Guitar Tricks. Each song that is offered on Guitar Tricks has a walk through lesson, so you can really take your time to get to know how to properly play each song.

Not everyone who wants to learn how to play guitar can afford a private teacher, but Guitar Tricks offers the best alternative.

Most of the videos and the guitar tools are completely downloadable, so if you just happen to not be connected to the Internet, you can still practice. You aren’t allowed to download the songs, however, only because of licensing.

Another benefit that I enjoyed while using Guitar Tricks is that I was well aware of the refund period that the company had set in place; if I had found that I hadn’t liked the program, I had a longer period of time that I could’ve canceled my subscription and gotten a refund of my
money back.

I also found that the video quality was much better when compared to the videos that
Yousician offers.


Yousician VS Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lesson Comparison

Both Guitar Tricks and Yousician offer free trials for users, but Guitar Tricks offers so much more value to their users. Even if you’re afraid to make a commitment to either one, I would suggest that you try a free trial for both programs. Both of these trials do have a limited amount of time, but if you want to receive the full benefits of one app, you will need to upgrade.

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