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How to Read Guitar Chord Charts

Trying to decipher guitar chord charts can be intimidating even if you can already read conventional sheet music. Other instruments that allow you to play more than one note at a time, like pianos, rely on traditional methods of notation that have a direct, one to one translation between the notes depicted and what you […]

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What are Power Chords

What are Power Chords: An Introduction That Can Make You Better

Playing the guitar is all about making an art form of physics, bending sound waves to your will to make your songs come into the real world from where you hear them in your brain. But sometimes your fingers haven’t quite caught up to the patterns in your head, and that’s where power chords come […]

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Logic Pro vs Pro Tools – Which is the Best DAW for You?

As the DAW market continues to expand, and the tools available for home recording enthusiasts become more accessible, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available. We’re here to try and help you with that. And today, we’re going to look at a couple of the long-standing stalwarts of digital music production: […]

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Best Jamstik Alternatives

The Best Jamstik Alternatives – Make Guitar Learning Fun!

Learning how to play an instrument is one of the many goals that parents set up for their children, even at a fragile age. A lot of other people argue that children should be left alone to pursue their own passions and dreams, until they find something they like and are good at. However, playing […]

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Best Six YouTube Channels for Free Guitar Lessons

The Best Six YouTube Channels for Free Guitar Lessons

Getting started on your guitar learning adventure can be a costly endeavor, especially if you have absolutely no musical experience to lean on. Chances are, you may not have realized how expensive starting up and getting all of your guitar essentials was going to be. Not only do you have to invest in a guitar, […]

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Reaper vs. Audacity – Which is the best DAW for you?

Since the dawn of digital audio production, plenty of musicians have taken it upon themselves to h availado what they could witble technology to record their own music. There are plenty of benefits: You keep control of the recording process You don’t have to pay an engineer or producer You can do your recording according […]

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The Best Tablets That Musicians Will Love!

Being a musician isn’t easy. It takes hard work, practice, dedication, then more hard work and practice. It can be a grueling experience just trying to learn the basics, let alone mastering them. Lucky for the musicians of today, technology has made learning and practicing, along with mastering, easier than ever before. With tablets, armed […]

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Acoustic Electric Guitars vs Non-Electric Acoustic Guitars

A Guide On Acoustic Electric Guitars vs Non-Electric Acoustic Guitars

So, you’re on the Internet, and you’re shopping around for a new acoustic guitar when you run into something that’s called an ‘acoustic electric’ guitar. You’re probably a little bit confused because the instrument looks like an acoustic guitar, so you’re just figuring it’s a typo of some sort. A quick search on Google turns […]

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mandolin vs guitar: which instrument is better to play

Mandolin vs Guitar: Which Instrument is Better to Play?

It’s very common for people to consume mandolins and guitars, are they are both stringed instruments that look a little similar. However, experienced musicians know that you should never make the mistake of confusing a mandolin and a guitar with each other. If you didn’t know that there was such a huge difference between the […]

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The Best Soprano Ukuleles You Will Adore

Learning how to play a stringed instrument can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have any prior musical training. Picking up a ukulele may be your best choice if you’re wanting to learn how to play a stringed instrument because the size of the instrument is a lot more manageable in comparison to […]

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