DOD Gunslinger Review: Is This Distortion Pedal Right For You?

If you’re planning to expand your collection of guitar gear, DOD Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion Pedal might be one of the products you’re currently considering.

This pedal offers a bold tube-like sound, four independent control knobs, great sustain, and many other benefits you might like. But is it really the best you can get for your money? Our DOD Gunslinger Review will answer all your questions.

If you’re aiming at the best guitar sound, several pieces of the jigsaw must fit together perfectly: a well-chosen guitar, great-sounding guitar amp, and set of versatile and powerful effects.

Distortion is definitely one of the most popular and sought-after pedal effects on the mark

Best Wah Pedals [2021] Top 5 Options and Which to Buy

The flavor and impact of a wah pedal rivals none. It elevates music to another level by dramatically changing the tone of a guitar. The resulting distinct wah-wah sound effect creates emotions in listeners that few modulation effects are able to duplicate.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that the  wah pedal has been used by the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and Richie Sambora.

Not all pedals are created equal, however. This guide unveils some of the best wah pedals that could provide your music the kick it needs. We’ll look at the different options available on the market, their differences and, moreover, which one is right for you.

But, before diving into our favorites, let’s run down a few considerations and details you should keep in mind.

5 Best Wah Pedals – an Overview


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