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Ibanez TS9 VS. TS808

Ibanez TS9 vs TS808: Which is the Best Option?

The Tube Screamer from Ibanez is one of the most highly-rated guitar effect pedals on the market. Not only this, but it has also become a base for the development of many innovative overdrive pedals. Some of them are clones of the original model, and the others are a version based on the same technologies […]

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Flanger vs Phaser Understanding the Key Differences

Flanger vs Phaser – Understanding the Key Differences

Guitar players work with melodies, notes, and chord progressions to produce songs. They also have an arsenal of audio effects for adding creativity to their productions. The most commonly used audio effects – modulation effects help in adding dimensions, movement, and colors to your sounds. Flanging and Phasing are two popular modulation effects, and as […]

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The Best Flanger Pedals

The Best Flanger Pedals That You’ll Love

People start learning how to play the guitar for a bunch of reasons. Some of them are just fans of good music. Other would like to take their time to develop a new skill/learn how to play a new instrument. Some children do it because their parents “made them to”. Others find that it’s a […]

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Blues Driver VS Tube Screamer

Blues Driver vs Tube Screamer – Which Distortion Pedal Should You Buy?

If you’re looking to crank up your electric guitar playing to eleven, a well-deployed distortion pedal is a great way to do it. It puts the fuzz on your notes and chords without disguising where you’re coming from, and you can add as much edge as you want without drastically altering your playing style. It’s […]

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A Guide To the Best Distortion Pedals on the Market

Want to sound like your favorite rock guitarist? Or perhaps you’re looking to increase your pedalboard by experimenting with new sounds? This guide will take care of what distortion does to your guitar, why you should use it and a brief look at five of the best guitar pedals out there right now. What is […]

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Distortion vs Overdrive- What’s the Difference?

Distortion and overdrive are two words that are often used synonymously, but the truth is that these two effects are actually very different from each other. Both distortion and overdrive have a completely unique impact on your overall tone and while both of these effects work toward a different goal, a lot of musicians think […]

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The Top Six Best Delay Pedals for Guitar

The delay pedal is one of the most commonly found effect pedals use in guitar effects. Even just playing around with one effect such as the delay pedal can really help to add extra flair to your sound, without you having to learn a whole bunch of additional skills or scales! The majority of delay […]

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top 10 best compressor pedals

The Best Compressor Pedals on The Market Today

Compressor pedals are a pedal that many guitarists are led to believe that they don’t need, so they never really know what they’re missing out on. Using a compressor pedal with your instrument will add distinction and character to your sound, while also balancing out your tone. Having a guitar compressor pedal in your gear […]

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How Does a Tremolo Pedal Work? Everything You Need To Know About Tremolo Pedals

The tremolo pedal is one of the oldest guitar pedals that are still in use today; actually, the tremolo pedal is the first pedal that came built with an amp. Back when playing guitar actually began to become a hobby, there were very limited options when it came to changing the tone of the instrument […]

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Top Ten Best Guitar Pedal Boards

The Best Guitar Pedal Boards On The Market Today 

There is a time in every guitar player’s journey when purchasing a pedal board becomes a need; this typically happens around the purchase of a third effects pedal, but some people may realize that there are only a few pedals that a single powder adapter can cover. A guitar pedal board is a basic need […]

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