The Best Online Guitar Courses for Intermediate Players

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If you are someone who is looking to improve your guitar skills, taking online guitar courses can help you to learn new skills and sharpen up on core techniques. Thankfully, there are almost unlimited resources available on the Internet that will help you to start learning how to play guitars.

However, choosing from all of those guitar courses that are available on the Internet can be extremely overwhelming. Not to mention, there are a ton of sites out there that will help you learn new skills, but there aren’t a whole lot of websites that talk about helping guitarists to refine their skills. The biggest problem that more intermediate guitar players run into is finding convenient and affordable learning options that best fit your playing style and experience.

That’s where I stepped in! I have taken the time to review the best online guitar courses for intermediate guitar players. Hopefully, these reviews will help you to have a better understanding of which courses offer what and which one will best suit your personal needs!

Which is better- free courses or paid courses?

If you’re an intermediate guitarist that is looking to improve on certain techniques, improve your core skills, find something more challenging to work on, or even just to get yourself out of an unmotivated rut, going with a paid course is going to be the better option for you. Paid courses provide planned resources with more structure in the lessons.

Beginning guitarists are the ones that are more likely to find free guitar lessons, so most free guitar courses are focused towards beginner level playing. There are hundreds of thousands of online YouTube tutorials that you could watch, but these videos won’t necessarily have the structure that you’re looking for as an intermediate musician.

While you may be cautious about spending money for lessons online because of a budget you’re trying to stick to, think of this way- on average, an hour-long lesson with a private guitar teacher will run you around $50. You can pay $20 a month for unlimited lessons, with unlimited access to all of the resources that a guitar course offers you. You will also be able to rewatch lessons and do so in the comfort of your own home, so you can truly learn at your own pace.

Justin Guitar

– Free to use
– Selection of YouTube videos to learn specific songs
– Since all of the video lessons are on YouTube, Justin Guitar is mobile friendly

Justin Sandercoe is the founder of Justin Guitar, which is a YouTube channel that provides completely free guitar lessons. He has two different YouTube channels, JustinSandercoe is his YouTube channel that focused on teaching theory and technique lessons, whereas JustinSandercoeSongs focuses on teaching songs.

Justin does have a website where he has all of his videos organized into sections, such as Beginner’s course and a technique section. If you’re looking to specifically only work on certain techniques, going over to may be a better way to ensure you’re not wasting your time with lessons you’re already comfortable with.
The lessons that Justin produces are easy to follow and aren’t too long, meaning that you won’t get confused with extra information that you don’t really need. You can access a good amount of technique lessons and singing lessons for absolutely free, so we would highly recommend Justin Guitar, even if you’re more of an advanced musician. Sometimes, it just nice to have something to switch up your practicing routine with and you can do that for free with Justin.

Even if you end up going with paid lessons, you can still always come back to Justin Guitar for extra learning or to add a new song to your personal playing library.

Pros of Justin Guitar:

– 100% free to use
– All of the lessons that Justin has are available on YouTube, which can be used across all devices and platforms

Cons of Justin Guitar:

– Isn’t great to use if you’re someone who needs solid structure to follow or if you are a complete beginner
– There isn’t a whole bunch of variety in the genres Justin plays
– There isn’t a great selection of style specific lessons

Artist Works

– Free sample lessons are available on their YouTube channel and website
– Mobile friendly
– $23 monthly subscription fee

Artist Works allows users to sign up for specific lessons, set with a specific teacher, specific to the type of guitar you play, specific to the style of music that you’re looking to learn. This sets the website apart from other guitar lessons sites, as Artist Works really allows you to narrow down what your interests are in comparison to just throwing you in and overwhelming you with a massive library with different instructors.

If you are on the hunt for an online guitar website that provides you with a more personalized experience, Artist Works may be the best choice for you. With the lessons, you will receive a matching PDF file that has all of the chords and relevant information that you will need to successfully master that said lesson. As a user, you will record videos and send them off to your professional instructor. Your instructor will record a video of themselves providing feedback, which you can rewatch an unlimited amount of times.

Pros of Artist Works:

– Artist Works uses slow-motion video when building their lessons, which really helps the information that you’re learning to catch on, especially for beginning musicians or those who require a bit more attention to detail in order to really pick things up.
– The course menu that Artist Works lets you know what difficulty level will be in the upcoming lessons, so that way you can make sure you’re absolutely ready to move on to more difficult topics
– You can interact with your teacher and other students, which adds the additional support of your peers to help encourage the continuity of your learning

Cons of Artist Works:

– The library that Artist Works offers is a bit limited. While they do have a pretty decent selection of both genres and styles, if you’re looking for a specific song, you may not find it on this guitar lesson site.
– You can’t download the lessons on Artist Works and you can only view them by streaming them, which may not work for you if you have limited access to the internet or don’t have internet that has a great connection.


– Seven-day free trial option available
– iPhone and iPad apps available
– $19.95 monthly subscription, $49.95 quarterly subscription, $159.95 yearly subscription

JamPlay is competition to Guitar Tricks, as both of these online guitar lesson sites have a large audience, with a lot to offer to users. JamPlay has 5,000 guitar lessons that encompass almost every single music genre you can think of. They offer lessons in class rock, heavy metal, country, rock, classic rock, fingerstyle, and even more. Even if you are someone who I

Pros of JamPlay:

– The genre selection that JamPlay offers literally leaves something for everyone
– Has extra tools, such as a chord builder and scale identifiers
– You can have live video chats with your instructors for private help or if you have questions
– While these lessons do tend to be more advanced, JamPlay has artist taught courses, when pro guitarists will teach you how they play in their own style

Cons of JamPlay:

– If you’re someone who balances more on the beginner/intermediate side, you may find that what JamPlay has to offer is a little too difficult for you to start getting into
– You aren’t able to download lessons onto your computer, which means that you’ll have to depend on your internet to be able to learn
– The quality of the courses that JamPlay offers vary depending upon who is teaching the lessons; you may find that one instructor teaches better than other instructors

Guitar Tricks

– Full access membership for $19.95 a month
– Free trial available, 14-day period
– Song library available
– Website is mobile-friendly

Guitar Tricks is one the biggest online guitar lessons sites available on the Internet and is a great site for both beginning and intermediate guitar players to use. Guitar Tricks is not only a great place to start learning guitar, but it’s also an amazing resource for intermediate musicians to use.

There are over 11,000 video lessons available from experienced guitar professionals that vary across a large list of music genres. Guitar Tricks uses what they call their Core Learning System to help structure lessons to guide users through basic concepts into more advanced techniques and ideas. From my personal experience of using Guitar Tricks, I found that this core learning system really helps users get an understanding of playing basic solos, as well as playing chords.

One great thing about Guitar Tricks that may convince you to go with their services is how transparent the company is with the free trial that they offer users. If you’re looking to get yourself involved with Guitar Tricks but you’re afraid to put your money into the program, this online guitar lessons site will offer you a 14-day free trial. All you need to do is sign up using your email address and you’ll have access to a selection of lessons.

Pros of Guitar Tricks:

– The lesson videos that Guitar Tricks offers are short, sweet, and to the point
– You can download video lessons onto your computer, which is great to do if you have spotty internet connection or a slower internet connection
– The selection of songs that Guitar Tricks offers a great selection of songs in different styles and keys
– The core learning system that Guitar Tricks uses is more organized and easy to follow than other online guitar course websites

Cons of Guitar Tricks:

– Guitar Tricks will fit best for people who are beginners to intermediate musicians. If you’re on the border of advanced, you should consider looking at other guitar courses that would challenge.
– The selection that Guitar Tricks is very large, but it doesn’t offer as many genres and songs that require different playing techniques as other online lesson sites offer

True Fire

True Fire is a well-known guitar lesson website that offers the largest selection of online guitar lessons. There are more than 25,000 video lessons, with more than 600 professional guitar instructors, and even a few lessons that are taught by guitar celebrities.

This online guitar lesson website allows users to choose between a monthly subscription service that will allow you to stream unlimited video lessons or you can buy individual guitar courses, so that way you can pay for the lessons you want to learn the most without having to pay for the membership.

On top of all of that, True Fire also offers private guitar lessons with a guitar instructor of your choice, a blog that hosts more than 900 posts that discuss viral news, guitar lessons, videos that revolve around guitar playing, interviews, and other information related to guitar playing. In addition to these features, True Fire has a digital magazine and a forum that’s built up of other True Fire members where chord charts and other tools that can assist you in your guitar education are posted.

Pros of True Fire:

– It’s easy to navigate through the lessons True Fire offers
– There are over 25,000 guitar lessons
– True Fire offers a money-back guarantee on their membership cost
$19 for a 30-day subscription, $199 for a yearly subscription, or $999 for a lifetime subscription

Cons of True Fire:

– There aren’t a lot of song lessons that you can choose from with True Fire. If you’re looking to integrate song lessons into your practice time, you won’t really find too much of them in this course.


Finding online guitar lessons that are easy to use and offer some complexity for your intermediate skills can be difficult, but as shown above, there are several affordable options for you to choose from in today’s market. If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to commit a budget to a website, you can always sign up for a free trial to see if the online course will fit well with your needs.

As always, have fun!

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