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The Best Resonator Guitar Models on the Market

A resonator guitar is a type of guitar that is the same size and shape of a standard acoustic guitar, except it has a metal speaker built into it. The bridge on a resonator guitar looks a lot like the bridge on a banjo and serves its purpose by carrying vibrations from the strings to […]

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Fender Telecaster VS Stratocaster Compared

The Fender Telecaster vs. The Stratocaster: Which One is Best?

Both the and are Fender legends and two of the most popular guitars in the history of guitars. These two instruments are loved by millions of players all around the world. Also, are endorsed by many iconic musicians in almost every single music genre there is. But, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t […]

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The Best Lap Steel Guitars on the Market You’ll Want In Your Collection

The overall design of a lap steel guitar is very similar to the design of a standard acoustic guitar, meaning that there are a fretboard and six strings that come attached to this guitar. However, the strings on a lap steel guitar face upwards and are raised towards the musicians. With a lap steel guitar, […]

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The Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review You’ll Want to Read

The Artcore collection by Ibanez is one of the most famous collections that Ibanez created. The Artcore collection surpassed a lot of expectations that a lot of people had when it came to purchasing a moderately priced semi-hollow or a hollow body. Ibanez designs the Artcore collection to provide musicians with intriguing cosmetic appearance, affordability, […]

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Epiphone Wildkat Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Wildkat Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Review

If you are a musician who is looking to get their hands on an affordable semi-hollow body electric guitar that will give you the taste of playing on an authentic semi-hollow, the is the guitar you’re going to want to take a look at. The Wildkat is perfect for Blues, Jazz, and Rock. If you’re […]

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The Best Single-Coil Pickups You’ll Want to Pickup

One of the best parts about single coil pickups is that if you’re looking to get a new sound from your guitar, you don’t have to go out and purchase a brand-new instrument. If you’re looking to upgrade or change up the sound your instrument is producing, all you’ve got to do is update your […]

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Epiphone Sheraton II Archtop Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Sheraton II Archtop Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Review

If you’ve ever heard of the guitar manufacturer Epiphone, chances are that you’ve heard of the Epiphone Sheraton, as the Epiphone Sheraton is one of Epiphone’s most successful guitar. The is inspired by the and was designed after Gibson took over Epiphone in 1957. Once Gibson bought out Epiphone, the two companies began manufacturing guitars […]

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Top 7 Best Mandolins for your money

My Top 7 Best Mandolins for Your Money (That You’ll Cherish Forever)

If you’re in the market for a quality mandolin that’s going to be worth every penny, you’ve come to the right article! Mandolins are instruments that aren’t very common to find in today’s music scene, but they are a great way to incorporate a unique sound to your music. What should you look for when […]

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Top 5 Banjo Brands for beginning banjo players

Top 5 Best Banjo Brands for Beginning Banjo Players

Discovering the best banjo brands before you fully understand how your instrument works can be quite challenging, especially if you’re not exactly certain about all that you want to do with your instrument. Thankfully, most of the best beginner-friendly banjos are of an affordable price range. Before you make any final decisions about your banjo, […]

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Top 26 Best Bass Guitars for 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 25 Bass Guitars for 2018

Choosing a bass guitar isn’t easy, mainly for two reasons: usually, the guitar you want isn’t necessarily in your budget and guitar manufacturers keep getting better at producing high-quality instruments at lower prices, which means that there are too many guitars to choose from! There are so many different choices out there that when it […]

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