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Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. Since some kids just don't know how to grow up, he continues to write about guitars because you can do that these days.

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar VS Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar Comparison

Epiphone Les Paul Electric vs Squier Stratocaster Comp [2020]

By Danny Trent | Electric Guitars

When shopping for new electric guitar, many musicians wonder about the comparison of two equally famous guitars: the and the . The Epiphone is manufactured by Gibson, while the Squier Stratocaster is manufactured by Fender; both instruments are budget-friendly guitars and beginner level instruments that are inspired by some of the most famous guitar’s history. […]

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Top 7 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps

The Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps

By Danny Trent | Amps

When battery powered amps were first released on the market, portable amps weren’t reliable. They didn’t produce a quality tone and were poorly made. With modern day technology improving, the overall quality of portable amplifiers has also improved. Nowadays, when you take time to shop around for a practice amplifier, you’re going to find some […]

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D’Angelico DC Premier: Why We Love this Intermediate Guitar

D’Angelico DC Premier Review: Why I Love this Intermediate Guitar [2019 Update]

By Danny Trent | Electric Guitars

This guitar is highly reminiscent of a guitar by Gibson and its Epiphone counterpart. While Epiphones are one of the cheapest semi-hollow bodied guitars around, and Gibson make professional level ones, the family of brands has a gap in terms of instruments for intermediate players. While not having as much recognition as other brands, D’Angelico […]

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